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High End Projection Screens

Black Diamond High End Projection Screens

Screen Innovations is proud to offer Black Diamond high end projection screens. Black Diamond represents the acme of screen technology, making clear, crisp, color-saturated projection possible under conditions that were simply unworkable before.

Black Diamond Represents the Ultimate in High End Projection Screens

Black Diamond projection screens have been engineered to absorb both ambient light and light scatter from the projector. In a bright room, even with lights on, the Black Diamond screen material can absorb ambient light, making it possible to obtain a crisp, dimensional image in applications where only a flat-screen HDTV would work before. In a dark room, the Black Diamond screen can absorb more than 75 percent of the light scatter that would otherwise be reflected back onto the screen, washing out the image. This ability to absorb light was accomplished when Screen Innovations developed a way to produce screens with multiple optical laminations. The advanced reflective layer in Black Diamond has a resolution optimized for 1080p HD projectors. This focuses more projected light to the viewer and wastes less on scatter. The result is dramatically enhanced contrast, color saturation and depth of field, as well as the blackest blacks and the whitest whites. Black Diamond is available in 1.4 and 0.8 gains, and in Five aspect ratios. For screens that are 2.40:1, the maximum seamless screen size is 142", measured diagonally. A screen with a 16:9 ratio can be 113", and a 4:3 screen can be up to 93". For more information about Black Diamond and our other high end projection screens, feel free to call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to  or use our convenient online contact form.

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HDTV Projector Screens

Top Quality HDTV Projector Screens

At Screen Innovations, you can find the top quality HDTV projector screens that will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your projection system. Our Reference series of screens represents the ultimate in innovative technology, allowing you to experience your home theater in ways that simply were not possible until now.

Reference Motorized HDTV Projector Screens

Our Reference motorized screens are state of the art. Let’s start with the flush mount chassis. Throughout the industry, if you want flush mount, you need to buy a separate chassis. Not so with the Performance screen, which includes flush mount plates at no extra cost. The low-voltage motor is quiet, efficient and economical, not only in terms of the money you’ll save on your electric bill, but also because it eliminates the need for costly rewiring. Flexibility is optimized, too, with controls that can be mounted either on your equipment rack or on the unit itself. Screen material is available in Solar, Gamma or Lunar HD, and also in Gamma and Lunar Maestro HD, which are specifically designed for optimum sound clarity. Screens can be selected in 16:9, 16:10, 2.40:1 or 4:3 ratios, with custom sizes ranging from 77” to 133”. Installation is easy, using our “Super Flat” screen tensioning system to ensure a perfectly flat screen with no distortion. The screen can be mounted flush in-ceiling, external wall mount or on-ceiling. The standard black drop is 24”, but it can be customized up to six feet to accommodate vaulted or cathedral ceilings. The “Easy Set” upper and lower limit adjustments ensure that it is perfectly positioned every time. In every aspect, from ease of installation to quality of materials, the Reference series sets the standard. For more information about our Reference series of HDTV projector screens, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online contact form.

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HDTV Projection Screen

The Best HDTV Projection Screen

When you’ve invested in a top-quality HDTV system, you’ll want to make the most of that investment with the best HDTV projection screen. Most projection screens on the market today utilize a texture that results in a fuzzy, soft image that negates the quality of your projector. At Screen Innovations, we have developed a micro-embossing technique that provides the clearest, sharpest image and makes the most of your projector’s capabilities. This texture is available on our Gamma, Solar and Lunar HD screens, and Gamma and Lunar Maestro HD options, which have been specially developed for sound clarity as well. These screen materials are available in the Performance and Reference series.

Black Diamond: The Elite HDTV Projection Screen

The jewel in our crown is the Black Diamond, the most advanced screen material on the market. Available in Reference series fixed screens, the Black Diamond absorbs ambient light to increase projection contrast by over 300 percent, allowing clear, sharp images and vivid color saturation even when viewing in a lighted room. In a dark environment, the Black Diamond screen also absorbs more than 75 percent of the light scatter from the projector, which otherwise would be reflected back on to the screen, resulting in a washed-out image. This means that you can now achieve projection system results that equal a flat-panel HDTV screen. Black Diamond screens are available in 0.8 and 1.4 gains. The maximum seamless size for the 2.40:1 ratio is 142", measured diagonally. A 16:9 screen can be113" and a 4:3 ratio allows for 93". Screen Innovations has also patented a unique bungee attachment system, which allows one person to install the screen quickly and easily, and ensures that every screen is completely uniform. Like all our products, our Black Diamond screens are protected by a lifetime replacement policy. To learn more about Black Diamond and our other HDTV projection screens, please call us at 512-832-6939 or send an email to You can also use our convenient online contact form.

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HD Projector Screens

Choose from a Wide Range of HD Projector Screens

At Screen Innovations, we can offer you a great selection of HD projector screens, and help you decide which one will best suit your needs. Our HD screens are available in a wide range of ratios and sizes, in both motorized and fixed styles, and in a variety of screen materials and price points. HD screens are available in two series, the Performance series and the Reference series. The Performance series fixed screens can be obtained in Gamma HD and Lunar Gray HD screen materials, both of which use our embossed screen texture to preserve the sharpness and clarity of your image. Fixed screens are offered in four aspect ratios. Motorized Performance screens are available in 16:9 and 4:3 ratios and Gamma HD screen material. They come with a standard 24” black drop and our “Easy Set” adjustment system. The low-voltage motor means you won’t need to rewire, so the screen can be installed quickly and easily.

Reference Series HD Projector Screens

Reference series HD projector screens are our elite offerings. The options here are truly exceptional, even including curved screens. Fixed screens offer five formats and custom sizes from 77” to 205” or more. You can choose from seven screen materials, including two designed for optimum sound clarity, with a maximum measured variance of +2 -1 db from 20 to 20k Hz, and the revolutionary Black Diamond. The Reference motorized projector screens offer the ultimate in quality and convenience. Of special note is the flush mounting system, which requires no extra parts, unlike all other motorized screens. The low-voltage motor, custom drop and rack-mountable controls allow for outstanding flexibility and ease of installation. For more information, feel free to call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our online contact form.

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HD Projector Screen

Find an Affordable HD Projector Screen

You don’t have to break the bank to buy an HD projector screen that will help you make the most out of your projection system. At Screen Innovations, we offer your choice of a fixed or motorized HD projector screen from our Performance series at a very attractive price. Performance fixed screens are offered in four ratios and a wide range of standard and custom sizes. Motorized screens are available in 16:9 and 4:3 ratios, in sizes from 77” to 133”. Both are exceptionally easy to install, and like all of our products, are protected by a lifetime replacement policy. Fixed screens offer Gamma HD and Lunar Gray HD screen materials. The motorized screen is available in Gamma HD.

Why Should You Choose an HD Projector Screen?

Most projector screens on the market today are not HD. These screens have a texture that softens and fuzzes the image, meaning that you are not getting the full value of your investment in a quality projection system. Why waste your projector’s potential, when you can optimize your image with an HD screen that will give you the best available reproduction? Our Gamma HD and Lunar Gray HD screens have the finest texture available, matte embossed to deliver the optimum clarity throughout a wide viewing angle. The “Super Flat” screen tensioning system on our Performance motorized screens and the “EZ-Snap” attachment system on our fixed screens allows you to install your screen quickly and easily, and get the flattest screen for the clearest image. Continue to browse our website to get more information, including specs. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online contact form.

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Motorized Projector Screen

Get a Motorized Projector Screens from Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations is at the forefront of projector screen technology. For the ultimate flexibility, try the Reference series for tons of customization options.

 A Reference Series Motorized Projector Screen Offers Flexibility

The Reference series of motorized projector screens offer both homes and businesses the flexibility to customize the installation to best suit their particular needs. First, screens in the Reference series are available with flush-mount and external mounting hardware. You can choose the best mounting, either in-ceiling flush, external ceiling, or external wall mounting. The mounting clips are also specially designed to allow for minute adjustments after installation, to ensure a perfect fit. External mounting options can also be enhanced with designer decorator plates, which allow you to customize the appearance of the chassis to perfectly match your interior design choices. You've got other options, as well, when installing a Reference model screen. Both IR and RF receivers and remotes are available to power your screen from a distance. Other options include screen color and gain, and, of course, size. You can also customize the black screen drop, from our standard 24 inch, to up to six feet to allow you to create the perfect viewing angle. You can also easily set and change where the upper and lower limit of screen extension are, to make deployment easier. If you'd like to learn more about our Reference series motorized projector screens, or would like to see the other options available in fixed, motorized, and manual screen designs from Screen Innovations, please call +1 512-832-6939 or send an email to You can also contact us via our Internet form.

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Motorized Projection Screens

Motorized Projection Screens Are a Great Choice for Rooms With Limited Wall Space

You essentially have two options when it comes to projection screens. Fixed screens are installed fully extended and do not move. Your other option is a screen that retracts either manually or motorized. The choice that's best for you depends on what the screen is for and where it will be installed. While a fixed screen is an attractive addition to a home theater or a sports bar, not everyone has the luxury of having enough dedicated wall space to install a fixed screen. For those who need a projector screen that can be raised and lowered, in a classroom or conference room, for example, where wall space is also needed for white boards or other fixed displays, movable screens are a practical solution. Movable screens are available in manual and motorized versions. A manual screen can be either pull up or pull down and can be adjusted by hand to the exact size needed. Screen Innovations' Reference series motorized screens utilize low voltage motors that do not require a certified electrician to wire for power. They also reduce energy use. The motion of the screen can be controlled with a wall switch or projector screen controls may be mounted remotely, to control via IR control, i.e. remote. Our screens also come with the necessary hardware to install them flush or external for maximum flexibility. Décor plates also allow a truly attractive fixture that easily integrates into the room's design.

Screen Innovations Makes Motorized Projection Screens for Home and Business

Screen Innovations manufactures and designs cutting edge projector screens for businesses and home use. To find out more about our products, including the revolutionary Black Diamond line, please call +1 512-832-6939. We can also be reached via email at and through the contact form on our website.

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Home Entertainment Screen Innovations Black Diamond II Review October 7, 2009 By David Birch-Jones

Leave the lights on If you're considering a front projection system for your home theater but don't have a dedicated light-controlled environment to put it in, you may want to check out one of the new high-contrast screens like Screen Innovations Black Diamond II. Using a special screen design, these screens minimize ambiant light while still giving you a bright and punchy projected image.

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SI’s Black Diamond Screens – This changes everything

Bob Gatton's Tech Talk WWW.HGTVPRO.COM Traditional home theaters can be a lot of fun. Turn on the system, turn off the lights and start the movie. Being in a dark room, in my opinion, is part of the movie experience. But I don't like watching sports and other programming in a bat cave. Now you don't have to. SI recently launched their Black Diamond screens. With these screens you can use a front projector and still have some lights on. With a normal screen, if you turn up the lights, the picture is washed out and unwatchable. SI's Black Diamond screens, combined with projectors that are both rapidly improving and decreasing in price, is a game changer. You can have a huge, high quality picture in a cave... or in a room with lights, as shown below. This was, in my opinion, the most impressive product at the CEDIA Expo last week. I'm planning to get my hands on an SI Black Diamond screen and give it a test drive. After I do, I'll report back with more details.

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Pixels Next-Generation High-Contrast Projection Screens – Do They Really Work?

[Pixels] Next-Generation High-Contrast Projection Screens - Do They Really Work? One of the highlights of the annual CEDIA trade show, which caters to the custom installation home theater industry, is their exhibition and competition for the most deluxe and ornate home theater installations. Show attendees get to look at marvelously designed dedicated home theater rooms, some of which have price tags that run into the high six figures, with a select few costing even more.

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