Projection Screens

Tripod Projection Screens

Screen Innovations Offers An Alternative to Tripod Projection Screens

Having a portable projection screen can be an advantage in businesses, classrooms, and at home. A portable screen is the cost-effective, easy way to show videos, slide shows, and presentations. If you are teacher who needs to show occasional educational films, a businessperson who has to do a presentation for another office, or a home user who wants to show some pictures from your last vacation to friends and family, a Screen Innovations Sensation series portable screen is a great choice.

Our Manual Projection Screens Are Just as Easy to Set Up As Tripod Projection Screens

Our manual projection screens are easy to set up and take down. Flip out the stabilizing legs, extend the harness, and then extend the screen. You can set up your portable screen in less than one minute. Taking the screen down is just as easy. Just reverse the process. You can store your portable screen away until you need it again. You won't need dedicated wall space, additional wiring, or any specialized tools. The Sensation series manual screens are available in 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 aspect ratios. The screen is made out of a matte white 1.0 gain material that is compatible with most projectors. The sleek design and sturdy construction make this a screen that will last. Sensation screens are available in pull-down and pull-up models in several sizes. If you have any questions about the specifications of our tripod projection screens, please call us at +1 512-832-6939. You can also send questions via our web form or email  If you decide that you need something more permanent, we also manufacture motorized and fixed screens in a wide range of sizes, aspect ratios, and screen materials.

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Tripod Projection Screen

An Alternative to a Tripod Projection Screen For Business and Classroom Use

A manual projection screen is a convenient, portable option for those who need to do presentations in multiple locations. This includes business people who need to do presentations in different offices or schools that need projection screens for classroom use, but don't need to have a single screen per room at all times. Screen Innovations' portable screens are the simple, cost-effective solution for these situations. Our portable screens are manually controlled projection screens that are available in pull-up and pull-down models. Either option is easy to set up and easy to take down. The process is simple. Extend the support feet, then the harness. Once the stand is secure, simply extend the screen. Pull-up screens lock into place when fully extended to ensure that they remain rigid. Setup can be done by a single person in just a few seconds. Taking the screen down again is just as easy and fast. Once collapsed, the screen can be taken with you to your next meeting or to another classroom. Our screens are made out of matte white screen material, with a gain of 1.0, designed for standard use. This makes them compatible with most projectors. They work best in a darkened room, like all white screens. Screens are available in both 16:9 widescreen format and standard 4:3 format. Pull-up screens are available in 60 and 80 inches. Pull-down screens are available in a wider range of sizes.

Ask Us A Question About a Sensation Series Alternative to a Tripod Projection Screen

If you have any questions about our Sensation series manual screens, you have several options on how to contact us. Our web form  allows you to send us questions or comments. We'll respond via email. You can also choose to email us directly at  If you'd prefer to speak with someone, you can call us at +1 512-832-6939.

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Sensation Fixed Screens

Sensation Fixed Screens: a Great Place to Start

Screen Innovations makes screens that fit every budget. Our Sensation series fixed screens are a great choice for the home theater builder on a budget. It's our entry-level fixed screen that offers what you need to get started with your home theater without breaking the bank.

Sensation Fixed Screens Offer High Quality at Low Prices

Like all of our fixed screens, our Sensation fixed is an aluminum frame wrapped in black velvet. This allows us to build a sturdy, rigid frame that also looks good. The black velvet hand-wrapped around the frame absorbs unwanted light and hides the edges of a projected image that is slightly larger than the screen. The screen itself is made of our matte white 1.0 gain screen material. This material works with most projectors and is the general standard for projection screens. Screens are available in 16:9 widescreen format in sizes from 80 to 119 inches. Mounting a Sensation fixed screen is easy. The installation process is quick and the mounting brackets are designed to allow for adjustments after the screen has been mounted, making it even easier to make sure your screen is in just the right place. If you decide that a fixed screen just isn't right for you, our Sensation line also includes manual portable screens. Made from the same material, these easy-to-set-up screens are a great choice for the casual user. They offer a high-quality screen at a good price that can be put away when not in use. You can place an order for a Sensation fixed screen by calling +1 512-832-6939. You can also call us with any questions or comments. We can also be reached by email at  Questions or comments submitted via our web form contacts/ are also promptly responded to.

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Retractable Projection Screen

A Retractable Projection Screen to Fit Your Needs

There are two forms of retractable projection screens: manual and motorized. The right choice for your use depends on several factors. These include the frequency of use, the lighting conditions, how much you want to spend, and what it's going to be used for.

Do You Need A Manual and Motorized Retractable Projection Screen?

If you need a screen that is portable, a manual screen will offer ease of use and ease of transportation. Our manual screens are available in pull-up and pull-down styles and are available in several sizes in both 16:9 widescreen and 4:3 standard aspect ratios. Our screens set up in less than one minute and can be taken down just as quickly. You can pack it up and move it to your next presentation, or move it from room to room. Our manual screens are made from Gamma White 1.0 gain material, which suits most projectors and standard lighting conditions (a room darkened for the purpose). If you need a wider array of options, our motorized retractable screens offer choice of size, widescreen aspect ratio, and screen material. You can design a screen that will fit your exact needs, from room décor to screen dimensions, as well as customize the amount of black drop available. Our Reference series of motorized screens offer several other options as well. You can choose how to mount the screen chassis. You can mount the screen externally, on the wall or ceiling, or you can flush mount the screen chassis in the ceiling, either top or side mount. With an in-ceiling flush mount, the screen becomes invisible when retracted fully. You can make other customizations by calling +1 512-832-6939, sending an email to, or filling out our web form

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Quality Projection Screens

Quality Projection Screens On a Budget

A quality projection screen doesn't have to be outrageously expensive. Our Sensation series offers two very different options that will give you great picture quality at affordable prices. Our Sensation series includes manual pull-up and pull-down projection screens that set up in less than one minute. They are made with our high-quality matte white 1.0 gain screen material and work well with most projectors. Our Sensation series fixed screens are also made from our matte white 1.0 gain material. They are available in 16:9 widescreen format in a range of sizes, from 80 to 119 inches. The aluminum frame is wrapped in black velvet cloth to absorb light and give the screen a clean, professional look. They are easy to mount and can even be adjusted after mounting, to make the process easy while still ensuring that your screen ends up right where you want it.

Other Quality Projection Screens From Screen Innovations

If you are interested in a wider range of screen material options, or different aspect ratios, our Performance and Reference series of fixed screens have what you're looking for. Our Performance screens are available in Lunar Gray and Gamma White HD material. For the best in screen material, with the widest range of options, our Reference series of fixed screens are available in all eight of our HD screen materials, including the Black Diamond in two different gains. The size is customizable up to and beyond 200 inches. You can even choose to have the screen curved in order to expand the viewing area by 30% and provide a more immersive feeling. You can find the retail location nearest you through our "Where to Buy" tool. If you'd like to place a custom order, ask a question, or tell us what you think of our products, you can use our handy web form  You can also reach us by email at and by phone at +1 512-832-6939.

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Pull Down Projection Screen

A Pull Down Projection Screen For Home and Classroom Use

Screen Innovations' Sensation series of screens are available in manual versions as well as fixed. Our manual screens are available in standard and widescreen format in a range of sizes. These portable screens are easy to set up. The process takes less than one minute. Just flip out the stabilizing feet, extend the harness, and then pull your screen down to the desired size. After your presentation or viewing is complete, you can take down the screen just as easily. Our pull down screens are made from our matte white screen material with a gain of 1.0. This makes them a versatile choice that will work with most projectors. The screens remain taut when extended, which ensures good picture quality, while still being easy to take down and transport as needed. This makes them an ideal choice for home users who only need to set up a screen on occasion, or for those who don't have a room dedicated to movie viewing. They can also be used outdoors for a family movie night on the lawn. They are also great for classroom use, where a fixed screen would take up too much room and a motorized screen would use too much power.

A Pull Down Projection Screen Isn’t Your Only Option

We also sell a wide variety of motorized screens for those who want a built-in screen but who also don't want their screen to be visible at all times. With our Reference series motorized screens, the chassis can be flush mounted in the ceiling, making it virtually invisible when fully retracted. If you'd like to learn more about our screens, or if you have a custom order, please call us at +1 512-832-6939 to speak with a representative. You can also contact us via email at or by filling out our web form

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Projection Screens Reviews

Screen Innovations' Projection Screens: The Reviews Are In

Our Black Diamond screens have been garnering rave reviews. It's easy to see why when you see a head-to-head comparison of the Black Diamond with standard white or gray screens. The difference is truly astonishing. This makes them very popular with businesses. They can be used outdoors while still maintaining a quality image. They can also be used in spaces with ambient light, allowing you to show movies or television without keeping the lights too low for normal business. They can also be used in places with plenty of windows, without having to obscure the view in order to see the image projected on your screen. This also makes them a great choice for home theater use. Instead of having to dedicate a room to movie viewing, where the lights are kept too low to do anything else, you can use a Black Diamond screen to watch a movie while someone else reads a book, or plays a game, in the same room, without ruining the movie-watching experience. Customers repeatedly tell us how impressive the screen is in these less-than-ideal light situations.

More Projection Screens Reviews

If you'd like to see what customers, reviewers, and installers are saying about our screens, take a look at our review archive. If you'd like to see our screens in action, we have several videos available of demonstrations and presentations so you can see for yourself how the Black Diamond compares with other high-end options. You can also get more information about our products, including our other HD screen materials and customization options, by calling +1 512-832-6939. You can also send us your questions or comments by emailing or by using our web form

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HD Projection Screen

Use an HD Projection Screen for the Sharpest Image

You’ve no doubt invested a significant amount of money in your projection system, so don’t throw it away by using anything less than an HD projection screen. Most screens available today have a texture that softens the image thrown by your projector, thereby losing many of the qualities you paid for in your projector. At Screen Innovations, we have a wide range of HD screens for you to choose from. Our Solar HD, Gamma HD and Lunar HD screens use a matte embossed finish that delivers a sharp, clear image and allows for an extremely wide viewing angle. These screens preserve your projector’s resolution and clarity as no ordinary screen can. Gamma Maestro HD and Lunar Maestro HD screen materials have been designed for maximum acoustic transparency. Both Gamma Maestro and Lunar Maestro have a measured variance of +2 -1 db from 20 to 20k Hz. Gamma Maestro is white with a gain of 1.1, while Lunar Maestro is gray with a gain of .85.

Black Diamond Technology for the Ultimate in an HD Projection Screen

Screen Innovations is proud to present Black Diamond, the ultimate technology for an HD projection screen. A Black Diamond screen provides a sharp, clear image in the most challenging circumstances, whether in business or home theater applications. This unique material reduces more than 75 percent of light scatter from your projector, and provides a contrast that is more than 300 percent higher than any other screen on the market. You won’t believe the exceptional clarity and color saturation provided by this material until you see it. For more information about our HD projection screens, call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online form.

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Front Projection Screens

Find a Great Selection of Front Projection Screens Online at Screen Innovations

For the best selection of fixed and motorized front projection screens at a variety of price points, browse our offerings at Screen Innovations. We have a great range of products, including pull-down and pull-up portable screens, fixed screens, curved screens and motorized retractable screens, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your application. We offer three editions of front projection screens. Our Sensation series comprises fixed and portable screens. Portable screens feature a Matte While 1.0 screen material and come in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, in sizes ranging from 80” to 117”. Sensation series fixed screens range from 80” to 119” in the 16:9 ratio, and also feature the Matte White 1.0 screen material. The Performance series offers fixed and retractable screens in a wide range of formats and sizes. Performance fixed screens come in Lunar Gray HD and Gamma HD screen materials, which are mounted with our proprietary “EZ Snap” method to assure the flattest, tightest installation. Performance motorized screens feature low-voltage motors for quiet operation, energy savings and easy installation, with no need for costly rewiring. Motorized Performance screens are available in Gamma HD screen material.

Top Quality in Front Projection Screens

SI’s Reference series brings you the ultimate in front projection screens, with an exceptional range of sizes, formats and features in fixed and motorized styles. Reference fixed screens are available in six front projection materials, including the revolutionary Black Diamond, with 300 percent better contrast than any other screen on the market. Curved Reference fixed screens can also be ordered. Reference motorized screens are unique in that they can be mounted flush without needing to purchase a separate chassis. Five screen materials, four aspect ratios and an incredible range of sizes are available in the Reference series. For more information, call 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our online contact form.

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Front Projection Screen

Black Diamond: The Ultimate Front Projection Screen

Screen Innovations is proud to offer the revolutionary Black Diamond front projection screen material in our top-of-the-line Reference series. This semi-rigid material is suitable for fixed flat and curved screens, and is available in both 1.4 and 0.8 gains. Multiple optical laminations set the Black Diamond front projection screen apart from all others currently available. The advanced reflective layer in Black Diamond makes it the material of choice in both light and dark environments. This sophisticated technology allows the screen to reduce more than 75 percent of ambient light rather than reflecting it back into the room as scatter and washing out the image. The result is an image with spectacular color enhancement: the blackest blacks, the whitest whites and the truest color. Contrast is improved more than 300 percent as compared to any other screen on the market.

It’s Easy to Install Your Black Diamond Front Projection Screen

The screen material isn’t the only innovation we’ve made here at SI. Our patented bungee attachment system means that one person can install a screen quickly and easily, with perfectly uniform results. You can also customize your screen to fit with your boardroom or home theater décor, selecting from four hardwood facings and ten custom colors for the 3.5” velvet wrapped frame. Black Diamond screens come in a wide range of custom sizes. The maximum seamless screen size (diagonal) for a screen in the 4.3 ration is 93”; for a 16.9 screen the maximum is 113”, and a 2:40:1 screen can be a whopping 142”. For more information about Black Diamond or our other front projection screens, call us at 512-832-6939, use our quick and easy online contact form or send an email to

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