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Praise for the Black Diamond in Industry Projector Screen Reviews

Our projector screens get great reviews from customers. People are amazed at the picture quality they get from the Black Diamond screen in so many light environments. Many people who want a home theater setup don't have a room they can dedicate exclusively to that purpose. Instead, they have a room that does double or triple duty as a home theater, rec. room, family room, study, etc. The problem with many projector screens is that ambient light can dull the image to the point where it is virtually unwatchable. With the Black Diamond screen, you can use the room for multiple purposes at the same time, reading a book, watching a movie, playing a game, without losing the great picture quality you expect from your projector. This explains why it is so popular with business owners, as well. If you have a business, such as a restaurant or bar, and want to show television or movies while your guests enjoy their meals or drinks, you don't want the room to be entirely dark, for obvious reasons. With the Black Diamond, ambient light, even that from huge picture windows, won't blow out your image like it can with standard screens. Our demonstrations at industry events have met with universal awe at the picture quality with a Black Diamond screen. Showing a side-by-side, or overlapping, comparison between the Black Diamond and other screens elicits exclamations of surprise and delight at the amount of light that isn't reflected off the screen, and the way the screen works in light rooms.

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You can see more reviews from customers, businesses, and reviewers in our Reviews archive. If you have any questions about what you've read, or want to place and order, please call us at +1 512-832-6939 or send an email to You can also send us questions through our web form by clicking here.

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Projector Screen Material

HD Projector Screen Material From Screen Innovations

At Screen Innovations, we use our high-quality HD screen materials to make all of our Reference and Performance series screens. What does it mean that our screens are HD material? The texture of our screens is so fine that it doesn't interfere with the image projected on them. With other screens, the rough texture is visible to the eye, and that texture can cause the projected image to look blurry and soft, despite the quality of the projector. With our screens, your digital projector will deliver the highest quality image it is capable of making. All of our HD screens are rated not just for great image quality at 1080p, but are future compatible with projectors up to 2K x 4K, and even beyond. Your Screen Innovations HD screen will still offer the best picture quality for years, even with greater and greater image quality from the rapidly evolving digital projector market.

Eight Projector Screen Material Options

We make eight HD screen materials. With our motorized screens, you can choose one of several screen materials, including our Lunar Gray HD, Solar White HD, and Gamma HD and our Maestro screens. Maestro screens are acoustically transparent, meaning that sound can travel through them, making them the best choice for screens that will be fitted over an inset wall speaker. Our fixed screens are available in these materials, as well as the Backstage Tinted rear projection material and our revolutionary Black Diamond options. Black Diamond screens look like HD television displays when not in use. When in use, they deliver unmatched picture quality with incredible contrast and can be used in situations where ambient light makes other front projection displays impossible. To learn more, please call +1 512-832-6939. You can also send questions and comments to our email address,  or fill out our web form by clicking here.

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Projector Screen Frame

Your Projector Screen Frame Is Important

Keeping your screen taut and immobile will ensure that it delivers the best picture quality it can. A screen that isn't secured properly will twist and undulate, causing the image to warp. Even small fluctuations in the screen's tension can cause the image to blur. That's why it's important that the projector screen that you buy has a frame that will keep it steady, no matter what kind of screen it is. Screen Innovations has developed our own screen tensioning systems to ensure the best picture quality.

How Our Projector Screen Frames Are Different

Our Performance and Reference series motorized screens are built with our "Super Flat" rigid screen tensioning system. This system keeps your screen immobile while descended. The Sensation series manual screens also have a secure locking mechanism which keeps the pull-up screens perfectly tensioned for image quality and user safety. Our fixed screens offer their own frame benefits. Our Sensation series fixed screens are made with aluminum hand-wrapped with textured black velvet, which absorbs unwanted light around the screen. Our Performance and Reference series fixed frames are also built with aluminum and covered with textured black velvet. These screens utilize the EZ Snap tensioning system. This system uses rubber bands or bungees to connect the screen to mounting pegs in the frame. This gives the flattest, tautest screen available. It also prevents screen sagging over time. If you're looking for a frame in a color other than black, our Reference line of fixed screens offer frame accent choices. You can select one of ten different textured velvets for your custom Reference frame (including the standard black). You can also choose from four wood veneers. To find out more about our manual, motorized, and fixed screens, please call 1 512-832-6939 or send and email to  You can also get answers to your questions through our web form here.

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Projector Screen Fabric

The Type of Projector Screen Fabric Matters

The fabric of your screen is the primary component that will determine picture quality. The type of fabric you should choose for your screen depends on your projector and on the lighting conditions you expect to be typical of your usage.

The Important Things to Consider When Choosing Projector Screen Fabric

The first aspect of screen fabric that you should consider is its texture. A less fine texture will cause your image to be blurry or soft, despite the quality of the projector itself. All reference series and performance series screens are made with our HD material which is ideal for 1080p digital projection. Our HD screens are made from fabric with the finest grain possible. This delivers a sharp and crisp image superior to non-HD screen materials found in many standard screens. Another aspect to consider is color. White screens were the norm until recently, when gray screens started becoming more common. White screens offer better reflection. Gray materials offer darker blacks, but can also shift the color spectrum slightly. Screen Innovations offers black screens as well as white and gray. A black screen works better than a gray screen at delivering true blacks, but also offers higher contrast and better color than gray screens. The last thing to consider is gain. Screens in white, gray, and black are available in different gains. Gain essentially is a measure of light reflection. A higher gain means a more reflective surface. More reflection isn't necessarily better. Whether you should get a high or low gain screen depends on your projector. If you aren't sure what features will best suit your projector and your viewing situation, you can use our handy Screen Wizard. Type in the details of your projector and the typical viewing conditions and we'll tell you which fabric is the best choice. Call +1 512-832-6939 or send an email to to find out more. You can also contact us through our web form here.

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Front Projector Screens

Fixed and Retractable Front Projector Screens

Screen Innovations is your one-stop resource for fixed and retractable front projector screens. Our screens come in three editions: the value-priced Sensation series, the midrange Performance series, and the high-end, high-tech Reference series. Fixed front projector screens are found in all three editions; motorized screens are available in Performance and Reference series.

Compare Fixed and Motorized Front Projector Screens

With the exception of a freestanding pull-up or pull-down screen, the Sensation fixed screen is the most budget-conscious choice. These screens come in a 16:9 aspect ratio, with a Matte White 1.0 screen. Keeping in mind, however, that even the highest-end front projector system still costs only a small fraction of what you’d pay for a comparable television, you might want to avail yourself of the increased options and advanced technology of the Performance and Reference series. Performance series fixed screens come in four aspect ratios with a wide range of standard sizes. We can also do custom sizes, and have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. You have a choice of screen materials, between Gamma HD and Lunar HD. Performance motorized screens have a low-voltage motor that eliminates the need for rewiring, a remote control, 24” of black drop and easy installation and positioning systems. There are two aspect ratios and sizes from 77” to 133”. The screen material is Gamma HD. The Reference series offers cutting-edge technology in both fixed and electric screens. Our revolutionary Black Diamond screen material, which reduces light scatter by more than 75 percent and increases contrast by more than 300 percent over any other screen on the market, is only available in the Reference fixed screen. (Since the material is semi-rigid, it can’t be retracted.) One of the many advantages of Reference motorized screens is that they can be installed flush without the purchase of extra parts. Five screen materials are available, including two that are specifically designed for exceptional audio clarity. For more information about our front projector screens, call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to  or use our online contact form.

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Front Projector Screen

How to Choose a Front Projector Screen

At Screen Innovations, we’ve made it a whole lot easier for you to select the best front projector screen for your system. We had to—the amazing selection of screens we offer can be somewhat overwhelming! Some decisions are simply a matter of personal choice. Others depend on the size of the room and the audience seating. Still others, such as the choice of screen material, are quite technical, and for these choices, we offer an easy-to-use selection wizard.

Decide on the Style and Shape of Your Front Projector Screen

The style of your front projector screen will depend on its intended application. For classroom or commercial use, where the screen may need to serve in differing environments, a portable pull-up or pull-down screen is the only choice. When you have a dedicated viewing space, whether in a conference room or a home theater, you can install either a fixed or retractable screen. The advantage of a motorized screen is that it can be retracted out of sight, especially useful when the room is used for other purposes. The only disadvantage is that the most advanced screen material, Black Diamond, is semi-rigid and can’t be retracted. The aspect ratio of your screen depends mostly on what you intend to view. a widescreen format is preferable for home theaters, where you will be watching movies. For business presentations or television viewing, 4:3 or 1:1 ratios are suitable.

Use Our Wizards to Select Screen Size and Material

As for the more technical decisions, let us do the calculating for you. Use the screen cost calculator to determine what size will fit into your budget, and use the screen material wizard to select the screen that will give you the best image for your system. To talk with someone about your screen selection, call us at 512-832-6939. You can also send email to or use our online contact form.

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Fixed Projector Screens

Many Options for Fixed Projector Screens

While retractable screens have their advantages, there are options available for fixed projector screens that simply can’t be offered in a motorized screen. At Screen Innovations, we offer both types of screens. Our fixed screens come in three series: Sensation, Performance and Reference. One of the more obvious cases in which you must use a fixed screen is when you are using a rear projection system. In our Reference series of screens, we offer Backstage tinted rear projection material. which is especially useful in high ambient light conditions. These screens come in five aspect ratios. For a 2.40 to 1 or 2.35:1, the maximum diagonal size for a seamless screen is 205”. For a 16:9 or 16:10, the maximum is 160”, and a 4:3 screen can go up to 88”.

Fixed Projector Screens for Front Projection

Front projection screens offer a wider range of screen materials. The Reference series offers you a choice among six front projection materials: Lunar HD .85 Gray, Gamma HD 1.1 White, Solar HD 1.3 White, Gamma Maestro HD 1.1 White Weave, Lunar Maestro HD 1.1 Gray Weave, and Black Diamond HD 0.8 Black. Choosing your screen material can be challenging, but we’ve made it easy for you—just use our online wizard to find the best options for your circumstances. Enter the screen ratio and ambient light level, then as much information as you have regarding your projector and screen size. The resulting chart will show your best option in an easy-to-use color code. Finally, only a fixed screen can be curved. If you want a curved screen to avoid hotspots or reduce the distortion that results from an expansion-based anamorphic lens, that too is available in our Reference series. For more information about our fixed screens, contact us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online form.

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Fixed Projector Screen

Top-of-the-Line Fixed Projector Screen

When you’re ready to buy a fixed projector screen, whether for commercial or home theater use, check out the Reference series from Screen Innovations. This elite equipment sets the standard for clear, sharp imaging, sleek styling and cutting-edge technology. A fixed projector screen from the Reference series offers extraordinary options for customization. Match the décor of your home theater or boardroom with four hardwood frame options and ten custom colors of velvet for the 3.5” contoured frame. Reference screens can be used for front or rear projection. Aspect ratio formats are available in 2:40.1, 2.35:1,16:9, 16:10 and 4:3, and custom screen sizes range from 77” to 205” or more. Curved screens are also available to reduce distortion and hot spots, and to create a more “immersive” viewing experience.

Black Diamond Technology Available in a Fixed Projector Screen

The Reference series also allows you to choose among seven types of screen material, including the revolutionary Black Diamond. Black Diamond technology represents a quantum leap forward in providing clear, sharp images with extraordinary color saturation under all lighting conditions. Black Diamond fixed screens are capable of reducing more than 75 percent of light scatter from the projector. They can also provide contrast that is 300 percent better than other types of screens, for the blackest blacks and whitest whites, even with a lot of light in the room. You’ll find the difference is amazing! Installation is easy, too, with SI’s patented bungee system, which ensures screen uniformity and the flattest, tightest screen. For more information, about our Reference series of fixed projector screens, call us at 512-832-6939, email or use our convenient online form.

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Electric Projector Screens

Great Value in Electric Projector Screens

Consumers can now enjoy the ease and aesthetic appeal of electric projector screens while still staying within a reasonable budget. The Performance series of electric screens, available at Screen Innovations, offers leading-edge technology and sleek style at a reasonable price.

Low-Voltage Electric Projector Screens Are Easy to Install

The quiet, efficient low-voltage AC motor that powers the Performance projector screens makes installation easy, and saves money because you don’t need an electrician to do expensive rewiring. The low voltage means you’ll keep your electric bills down, too. Our "Super Flat" rigid screen tensioning system makes it simple to get a perfect surface for any projector, and the "Easy set" upper and lower limit adjustments add to the ease of installation. The simple five-step assembly and mounting process makes it possible for one person to install the unit unaided. Performance series electric projector screens are available in 4:3 and 16:9 ratios. Screens with a 4:3 ratio are available in 77", 84", 90", 96", 100", 110" and 120" sizes, while the 16:9 screens come in 80", 92", 100", 106", 110", 119" and 133". Gamma HD screen material is standard, as is a 24” black drop. The screen can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling with its universal aluminum brackets. You can order your Performance electric projector screen online or use our Dealer Locator to find an authorized SI outlet near you. For more information, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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Electric Projector Screen

Find the Best Electric Projector Screen

If you’re looking for a top-quality electric projector screen, consider the Reference series available at Screen Innovations. These screens offer the sleek look and sophisticated electronics you would expect from a cutting-edge product, plus features that set them far beyond the industry standard.

A Low-Voltage Electric Projector Screen Has Many Advantages

The low voltage required for a Reference electric projector screen means that you won’t need expensive rewiring for the easy installation. It also means that the controls can be stored either in the cabinet itself or on an equipment rack, with only a 16-gauge 2-conductor wire running the screen. You don’t need any power at the screen location. Available options for the controls include IR, RF, RS232, a wall switch or a low-voltage trigger. The Reference electric projector screen also sets itself apart from the competition by being a flush-mount chassis and external screen all in one, with no additional charges. Other products require you to buy a separate chassis. Available screen materials include Lunar HD .85 Gray, Gamma HD 1.1 White, Solar HD 1.3 White, Gamma Maestro HD 1.1 White Weave and Lunar Maestro HD .85 Gray Weave. Four ratio aspects are available, with custom screen sizes ranging from 77” to 160”. A 24” black drop is standard, and can be customized up to six feet. Installation is simple with our "Super Flat" rigid screen tensioning system and "Easy Set" upper and lower limit adjustments. As is the case with all SI products, the Reference electric projection screen is covered by a lifetime replacement policy. For more information about the Reference series or other SI products, call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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