Projector Screens

DLP Projector Screens

Top Quality DLP Projector Screens

To take full advantage of the advanced technology of DLP projectors, consumers should also be certain to use top quality DLP projector screens. There’s no more sense in investing in a high-end projector and viewing its superior image on an inferior screen than there would be in buying a fine cabernet and using it to make sangria. DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors are the fastest-growing component of home theaters in today’s market. The image is displayed on a chip called a Digital Micromirror Device. Essentially, that means that every pixel on the chip is actually a reflective mirror. As the image changes, the micromirrors tilt to produce the grayscale image. Color is added by a rapidly spinning color wheel. The result is an image that approaches the quality of 70mm film—but because it’s digital, it isn’t vulnerable to scratching or wear. In fact. many theaters are now switching to DLP technology to project feature films.

Find DLP Projector Screens at Screen Innovations

What does this mean for your home theater? It means that you can match the high quality of the DLP projected image with the latest in screen technology, available at Screen Innovations. Even with the best projection systems, ordinary screens reflect and scatter ambient light, leading to a washed-out image. With our revolutionary Black Diamond projector screens, however, more than 75 percent of that light is eliminated, resulting in the sharp, rich image your projector is capable of. Black Diamond screens also provide more than 300 percent more contrast than any other screen on the market, which gives you the blackest blacks, the whitest whites and the most saturated colors. If you’d like more information about the Black Diamond or any of our other exceptional DLP projector screens, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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Cinema Projector Screens

Affordable Cinema Projector Screens

Screen Innovations is your best source for affordable home cinema projector screens. Out value-priced Sensation series and midrange Performance series offer you a wide range of options, making it easy to select the best screen for your circumstances and budget.

Value-Conscious Cinema Projector Screens for All Applications

For classroom and business use when your screen will be used in several places, the Sensation series freestanding screens combine utility with a great low price. These screens can pull up or down, and are available in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. Matte White 1.0 screen material is standard. If you have a dedicated viewing area, whether in a classroom, conference room or family room, you can choose a fixed screen from our Sensation or Performance series or a retractable Performance screen. The Sensation fixed screen is available only in the 16:9 format, with a Matte White 1.0 screen. Upgrading to the Performance series increases your options drastically with a small boost in price—and remember, even the most expensive cinema projection system costs only a fraction of a comparable television setup. The Performance fixed screen offers Gamma HD or Lunar HD screen materials, four aspect ratios and a range of sizes from 77” to 133”, as well as custom sizes. Installation is, well, a snap with our “EZ Snap” system, which ensures the flattest, tightest screen surface. Our Performance series motorized screens don’t even need to be installed by an electrician, since the quiet, economical low-voltage motor requires no rewiring. Our "Super Flat" rigid screen tensioning system ensures a perfect image from your projector, and you can choose from a wide range of sizes with a Gamma HD screen. For more information, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online contact form.

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Best Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Offers the Best Projector Screens

At Screen Innovations, we offer a wide variety of the best projector screens you can find. There are a lot of variables that go into choosing from so many options, and in order to find the best of the best, you’ll first need to decide on a number of elements. Let’s assume, for an example, that you’re looking for a fixed screen for home theater use. If economic considerations are of primary importance, the Sensation series may offer the best options for you. Fixed screens come in sizes ranging from 80” to 119”, with a matte white fabric and velvet-wrapped frame. Installation is easy, and the screen, like all our products, is protected by a lifetime replacement policy. The Performance series offers a step up in screen technology. Performance screens are available in either Gamma HD or Lunar Gray HD screen materials. The maximum seamless size for both of these materials is 205” in a 16:9 ratio. Gamma HD is best suited for darker environments, while Lunar Gray HD can be used when there is more ambient light.

Reference Series: The Best of the Best Projector Screens

For those who want the very best in clarity of image, we recommend the Reference Series. This series offers the revolutionary Black Diamond and Black Diamond II screens. Black Diamond screens can be used in any environment. If the room is dark, Black Diamond reduces light scatter from the screen by more than 75 percent, so the image doesn’t get washed out. In lighter environments, unwanted ambient light is absorbed, creating an astonishing 300 percent more contrast than any other screen. For more information about these and other projector screens, contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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Best Projector Screen

Find the Best Projector Screen for Your Purpose

It’s important to choose the best projector screen from the many types and sizes available in order to get the clearest, sharpest image. There are a lot of factors to take into account, and the biggest, most expensive projector screen might not be the best choice for your situation. First, decide whether you want a fixed or portable screen. For home use, a fixed screen will probably be your best choice. For business or classroom applications, though, a portable screen is likely to be more useful. Choosing a screen size depends more on how your audience will be seated and the size of the room rather than on the type of projector you’ll be using. You’ll need to decide on the aspect ratio as well. If you will primarily be watching movies, a 16:9 ratio is best. Some other factors you’ll want to consider include the screen fabric, how well you can control the lighting in the room, whether you want a fixed or motorized screen, curved or flat, and whether you’ll be using front or back projection. That’s an awful lot to take into account, but we at Screen Innovations have made it easy for you to decide on your best screen choice.

Use Our Wizard to Select the Best Projector Screen

Using the SI Screen Wizard couldn’t be simpler. Enter your screen ratio and the lighting in the room, plus as much information as you know about your projector and screen size. Click on the “continue” button, and you’ll get a chart that lists all the possible screen choices, color-coded so that you can easily see which ones offer the best image. The more information you can enter, the better the wizard can narrow your choices. Of course, we’d be happy to help you select your best screen. You can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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Affordable Projector Screens

Affordable Projector Screens for Business or Classroom Use

Screen Innovations offers you a great selection of affordable projector screens for those applications where economy and portability are primary considerations. Manual portable screens offer your best options for classroom or business presentations.

 The Sensation Series of Affordable Projector Screens

The Sensation series of portable manual projector screens offers you a choice between pull-up and pull-down styles. Both types are tough and durable, with a lifetime replacement policy. They are also extremely easy to use, and can be set up by one person in less than a minute. The pull-up projector screens come in two ratios, 4:3 and 16:9. Each of those ratios is available in 60” or 80” sizes, with a matte white 1.0 screen material. Pull-down screens are available in the same ratios, with an extended selection of sizes. The 4:3 screens come in 84", 100", 110" and 117" sizes, while the 16:9 screens are available in 80", 92", 100" and 106" options. Choosing the perfect size projector screen is easy if the screen will be used primarily in one room, or in several rooms that are essentially the same size. There should be approximately two screen heights between the screen and the first row of seats, and the bottom of the screen should be at least three feet above the floor, so that those in back can see. If your screen will be used in rooms of varying sizes, base your calculations on the average configuration of those rooms. For more information about the Sensation series of manual, portable screens or any of our other affordable projector screens, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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Large Projector Screens

Make the Most of Home Theaters with Large Projector Screens

There’s no question that large projector screens optimize viewers’ experience in home theaters, creating an immersive environment that can truly equal that of a stand-alone theater--especially now that they have all become mini movie houses. One of the many wonderful aspects of choosing a projector system is that it costs so much less than a comparable TV system, so you can afford to buy the largest screen your space will hold.

Where to Find Large Projector Screens

At Screen Innovations, we have those large projector screens you’ve been looking for, and you can find them at several price points. Even in our budget-conscious Sensation series, you can have a fixed screen that measures up to 119”. We highly recommend, though, that you move up to our midrange Performance series for HD screens or our cutting-edge Reference series for state-of-the-art technology. After all, what’s the point of a big screen if you don’t have high definition? Fixed and motorized HD screens in our Performance series go up to 133”, with proprietary installation systems to assure a perfectly flat screen with no distortion. Screen materials available in the Performance series include Gamma HD and Lunar Gray HD. Our Reference series screens are absolutely top of the line, with screens available in custom sizes up to a whopping 215” and even more. (We have the fastest turnaround in the industry for custom orders, too.) You have a comprehensive choice of screen materials, including Gamma and Lunar Maestro HD, designed for optimal sound clarity, and the revolutionary Black Diamond, the screen that can improve contrast by more than 300 percent. For more information about our range of large projector screens, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online form.

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Home Theatre Projectors

Get Information About Home Theatre Projectors

In order to choose the perfect screen for your home theatre, it’s important to have information about the wide range of home theatre projectors that are available, and vice versa. At Screen Innovations, we’ve worked hard to develop tools that make it easier for you to select your components. By using our Screen Wizard and our Projector Wizard in tandem, a lot of the issues surrounding your choices can be resolved.

Use Our Projector Wizard to Get Data on Home Theatre Projectors

If you already own a projector, you can use our Projector Wizard to obtain a great deal of information that will help you select a screen material. Our Wizard will provide you with such data as recommended seating distance, throw range, throw distance, maximum room lighting, recommended image brightness and more. You can then plug that information into our Screen Wizard to help you decide on the best screen material for your projector. We have even included data for those projectors which are no longer being produced. If you have not yet decided on which projector to purchase, begin with our Screen Wizard. If you know, for instance, that you want a Lunar Maestro screen, which has been developed for optimal sound transmission, and a 100” screen in a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Wizard will tell you that a projector with 1,500 lumens will give you acceptable contrast, a projector with 2,000 or 2,500 lumens will give you good contrast, and a projector with 3,000 lumens or more will give you excellent contrast. Of course, we’re always here to answer your questions, too. For more information, you can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online contact form.

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Home Theater Projector Screens

A Great Selection of Home Theater Projector Screens

Screen Innovations offers a comprehensive selection of home theater projector screens, so that you can choose the best option to fit your environment, your budget and your technical requirements. Despite the astonishing range of products we offer, however, they all have some things in common. For one thing, all our products are fully protected by a lifetime replacement guarantee—that’s how confident we are about the durability of our screens. Another constant you can count on is that each of our products represents the epitome (whats an epitome??) of quality at its particular price point. Whether you choose the budget Sensation series, the midrange Performance series or the elite Reference series, you can be sure you are getting the best product for your money.

Affordable Home Theater Projector Screens

You’ve already saved significant money by choosing a projector system for your home theater, so even top-of-the-line components can be well within reach. However, if budget constraints are a primary consideration, we offer superior products at affordable prices. Fixed screens in our Sensation series redefine “value.” Available in the standard 16:9 aspect ratio and a range of sizes from 80” to 119”, these screens come with Matte White 1.0 screen material. The Performance series offers both fixed and motorized screens with HD screen materials. Why compromise the quality of your projected image with a screen that doesn’t support high definition? Our patented microtexture maximizes your projector’s potential with a crisp, well defined image. Both styles are easy to install and adjust for perfect positioning. The retractable screens can be mounted flush without having to buy extra equipment, which you have to do with other electric screens. The low-voltage motor saves you money on your electric bill and on installation, since it doesn’t require expensive rewiring. Retractable screens can be controlled remotely or with a 12-volt trigger. For more information, contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online form.

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Home Theater Projector Screen

Choose the Best Home Theater Projector Screen for Your Needs

To enjoy your viewing experience to the fullest and maximize the potential of your projector, you’ll want to make sure you have the best home theater projector screen for your circumstances. There are many factors that affect the quality of your image. You’ll want to take into account, for example, such elements as ambient light in the room, viewing angle, distance of the viewer from the screen, the amount of light thrown by the projector and aspect ratio. Additionally, you’ll want to consider aesthetic elements, particularly if your home theater is also used for other purposes. At Screen Innovations, we offer an exceptional range of choices, so that you can be sure of finding the best home theater projector screen for your particular needs.

How to Select Your Home Theater Projector Screen

With so many options to choose from, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. A good place to start is to consider whether you want a fixed or motorized screen. If you have a dedicated home theater, you might want to opt for a fixed screen from the Reference series. That allows you to choose as your screen material the innovative Black Diamond, which will give you more than 300 percent better contrast than other screens and eliminates 75 percent more light scatter from the projector. Since the Black Diamond screen material is truly black, it has its own aesthetic appeal. If, however, you would prefer a screen that can be retracted for use in a multipurpose room, we offer motorized screens in our Performance and Reference series. These come in a variety of sizes, aspect ratios and screen materials. Use our convenient Screen Wizard to help you narrow your options. For more information, or if you have questions about choosing your home projector screen, you can call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient online form.

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Home Projector Screens

Home Projector Screens for Every Environment

At Screen Innovations, we offer an extraordinary range of home projector screens. The circumstances for home viewing vary widely. You may watch in a cozy family room or den, or in an expansive great room with a cathedral ceiling. You may watch from your bed or from several rows of seats in a dedicated home theater. You may be able to darken your viewing room completely, or have to watch in a room with all the lights on. Whatever your situation, we have a home projector screen that will meet your needs.

Groundbreaking Technology in Home Projector Screens

Let’s start with that great room. Since it will be used for many purposes, you’ll probably want a retractable screen. Both our Performance and Reference series motorized screens have low-voltage motors that can be installed without the need for rewiring. Both series also offer flush mounting at no additional cost, so that the screen will be even more unobtrusive when not in use. (This is in contrast to the industry standard; for all others, you must buy additional parts in order to flush mount.) That cathedral ceiling means you’ll probably want a screen from the Reference series. Retractable screens come with a standard 24” black drop, but those in the Reference series can be customized up to six feet, with an “Easy Set” feature that makes it effortless to position it perfectly every time. Screen Innovations leads the industry in speedy custom orders, too. If you want to watch a movie in a room where others need light, we have a solution for that as well. The revolutionary Black Diamond screen material, with multiple optical laminations, is capable of increasing contrast more than 300 percent and reducing light scatter by more than 75 percent. That means you can achieve a vibrant, color-saturated image even in a bright room. The Black Diamond screen material is available only in our Reference edition fixed screens. For more information about home projector screens, call us at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our handy online contact form.

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