Available Materials

A motorized screen ready
for bright environments.

The 5 series motorized is one of our most versatile projector screens for businesses, houses of worship, hotels, conference rooms, colleges, universities, and more. It is suitable for nearly any commercial environment – regardless of lighting conditions. Available in our affordable 65% ambient light rejecting “Slate®” material, the 5 series motorized performs beautifully in well lit environments. Other popular materials are also available for the 5 Series Motorized. Such as our acoustically transparent screen, “Maestro“, and ultra fine screen, “Pure“.
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5 Series Motorized
The workhorse of motorized.

The 5 Series Motorized screen from SI was built from the ground up to include the features businesses requested most often. Precision cut on computer-drive cables, all 5 Series projection screens are built with dependable Somfy motors, switches, and controls — the worldwide leader in motorization. The motor limits are simple to set up and operate with all included controls — Wall Switch, IR Receiving Eye, IR Remote Control, and Low Voltage Trigger. Each 5 Series Motorized is available in four different viewing orientations (Reverse Roll, Reverse View etc.)
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5 Series Motorized Projector Screen

Totally Custom
For those who like to be different.

Business Projection Screen Customization

The 5 series motorized projector screen can be designed with custom configurations to fit your business. It is available in sizes all the way up to 200” diagonally with 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios. With our customization options, your commercial projection screen can be built with the screen materials or aspect ratios to best suit your needs.


A Commercial Video Display
That doesn’t break the bank.

If value is your first priority (when is it not?), the 5 series motorized projection screen is an excellent alternative to expensive and cumbersome commercial video displays. Our two piece HD projection system is cheaper per inch than a flat panel and drastically less expensive than an LED wall, yet still delivers superior performance for your business needs.

Two Mounting Options
To suit your fancy.

5 Series Motorized External Mount Projection Screen

External Mount (white / black)
5 Series Motorized Flush Electric Projection Screen

Flush Mount

Our 5 series electric projection screen rolls up discreetly when not in use and can be externally or flush mounted for a clean look. Choose from a black or white external fascia to easily match the decor of any business or commercial environment. We designed this commercial projector screen with a tab tensioning system that is cut with the screen (not sewed like others) to ensure your screen lies perfectly flat for an amazing picture and greater screen durability.

You haven’t heard quiet
Until you haven’t heard it.

You can’t have a high quality product that’s made up of low quality parts. When we set out to design a product, we make sure that all of the bits and pieces that make it up are the highest standard possible – including the motor. We now include the latest Somfy quiet-motor technology in all of our 5 Series Motorized screens. Who wants to disturb their environment with loud clunky buzzing sounds? With our motorized screens, and Somfy motors, you can rest assured that your environment will remain as undisturbed as possible.

UL Plenum Rated
peace of mind is priceless.

UL Plenum Rated Projection Screen
Combustible materials for use in air-handling spaces (plenums) Equipment installed in air-handling spaces, or plenums, must meet installation code requirements for smoke and flammability performance.