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5 Zero Edge®

We now offer 5 Series Zero Edge®, a new flexible projection screen available in sizes up to 390-inches diagonally. Due to our proprietary flexible material, no longer are you constrained by accessibility concerns when planning your installation. With 5 Zero Edge®, we have made onsite assembly a breeze. Now you can easily bring your screen into any environment you choose.
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5 Series Zero Edge Commercial Projection Screen

Acoustically Transparent.

For the audiophiles, or anyone wanting a great solution for hiding speakers in a discreet location, Maestro is a great solution. Boasting the best acoustically transparent weave screen material known to man, 5 Zero Edge® just got that much better.
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Small Package
big contents.

5 Zero Edge® easily breaks down into a traditional fixed-frame box and assembles onsite making it easy to ship and navigate tight spaces, elevators, and stairways. The new design will dramatically cut down on freight damage and make international shipping hassle free. 5 Zero Edge® is available for SI’s screen options: Slate®, Short Throw (ST) *rigid panel only, Maestro Weave, Pure® White, Pure® Gray.

flexible panel projection screen

5 Zero Edge®
It’s kind of a big deal.

Seeing truly is believing. We stand by that ideal here at Screen Innovations and believe that when you see our 5 Zero Edge® projector screen for yourself you will understand why it’s such a big deal. Watch the video!