Black Diamond Venue


The new Black Diamond Venue micro-seamed rigid panel projection screen changes the commercial landscape by allowing projection to work in any environment, anytime.  Now projection can look like an infinite sized flat panel in virtually any application imaginable.  See the Black Diamond Screen perform in a commercial environment:  (video)

Black Diamond Venue is available in custom sizes, with only a single micro-seam up to 16’ wide by 9’ high (215” diagonal).

Reference Fixed Screen Materials

Front-Pro - Black Diamond G3 2.7 Silver | Black Diamond G3 1.4 Black

To manufacture true micro-seams, Screen Innovations partnered with Striebig, a Swiss manufacturer who builds the most precise custom cutting machines in the world. After a significant amount of testing, the proper equipment was specified and installed, and is now operational.

Single Seam up to 215″ Diagonal








> 220″ Black Diamond Venue uses an 80/20 sub-frame assembly allowing the screen to be perfectly flat. Using this sub-frame BDV can go up to 400″ Diagonal.

Optional Adjustable Wall Bracket








Black Diamond Venue incorporates a newly engineered adjustable wall bracket system that maintains a perfectly flat surface—even when mounting on uneven walls.

1.3″ Sleek Frame Decor








Adjustable Suspended Brackets







Black Diamond Venue rigging brackets give installers the ability to quickly hang the Venue product from the ceiling or truss. Optional suspended brackets are available for flying the screen.

Support Documents

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