• Quick Specs
    Flex Glass
    Projector Types All
    Gain 1
    Half Gain 70
    Min Throw Distance .2 X Image Width
    Color Dark Gray
    Ambient Light Resistance Good
    Edge Blend Excellent
    Flame Resistance Yes
    Resolution > 4K
    Opacity N/A
    Size 8.5' X 99'
    Formats Fixed (flat and curved)
    Hot Spot None
    Texture No
    Clean Microfiber
    Transport Rolled 2' Core
    Thickness 2.37mm
    Hardness 3h
    Weight .05 lbs SF
    Light Transmittance 54%
    Operating Temp. 32-154F
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FlexGlass Rear Projection

FlexGlass™ Rear-Pro
Our glass can touch it’s toes.

FlexGlass™ is an innovative new rear projection screen material that offers all of the benefits of the best rigid optical panels with the added benefit of custom and curve capabilities that can only be achieved with a flexible screen material.
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Perfect Edge-Blend
Yes, perfect.

Flex Glass Projector Edge Bled

Delivering unmatched edge-blend capability, zero hotspot, almost infinite viewing angles, and the ability to be rolled on a 2’ core to significantly reduce freight and job site handling issues, FlexGlass™ is an ideal choice for multiple-projector, edge blending, and short throw projector applications; fulfilling a very real need in the marketplace.