700% Better

Introducing the world’s first Zero Edge® projection screen specifically suited for ultra short throw (UST) projectors! Current UST projectors enable you to place your projector as close as 6-inches away from the screen while obtaining up to a 125-inch image in 4k resolution.
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The Video

Seeing is believing – and until you see the stunning image for yourself, you may not fully understand the capabilities of this incredible technology. Bigger is better!
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Viewing Angle.

ST Viewing Cone

Because of our proprietary short-throw light rejection technology, 5 Series Zero Edge® ST has an incredibly wide viewing angle, at 180 degrees. Life-sized viewing can now be experienced in any commercial or residential environment.

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Zero Edge®
Frame Style.

No longer are you restricted to the confines of a dark room or basement to enjoy your home theater. Because of our Zero Edge® frame style, your screen neatly fits into the design of any environment.
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Backlight Ambience

Take your Short Throw Screen to the next level with our option-al LED Backlighting with 256k programmable color options. Take the ambience of your room and amplify it to give yourself the ultimate viewing experience.
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