Portable Screen

A Portable Screen is a Cost Effective Solution

A portable screen is a great choice for the person who wants to be able to entertain friends and family on occasion, but who doesn't want to build a home theater, for reasons of cost, or space, or simply because they aren't interested.

Liven Up Your Gathering with a Portable Screen

As a special summer activity, a portable screen can be set up in the back yard for an impromptu movie night. Watching a film out under the stars can add an exciting new dimension to a normal family activity. It's also a good way to entertain guests at an outdoor gathering, like a barbeque or pool party. Have a movie running, or music videos, or even set up a game console with your projector and screen for some big screen video game action. If you like to share your vacation photos with friends and family, but don't like the idea of huddling around the computer monitor, or laptop screen, using a multimedia projector with your computer and a portable screen can give everyone the elbow room they need while still enjoying the pictorial entertainment together. It's also a good way to show home movies to a fairly large gathering of people. For this type of use, installing a permanent screen is unnecessary and improvising with a blank wall won't give you the kind of picture quality you could get at a very good cost with a real portable screen. At Screen Innovations, we manufacture portable screens in pull-up and pull-down varieties. Our screens are made from high quality materials, including strong aluminum frames and matte white screen material designed to be compatible with the widest range of projectors. You can place an order by calling +1 512-832-6939 or sending an email to sales@screeninnovations.com. You can also contact us through our web form http://www.screeninnovations.com/contacts/.

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