Best Projector Screen

Find the Best Projector Screen for Your Purpose

It’s important to choose the best projector screen from the many types and sizes available in order to get the clearest, sharpest image. There are a lot of factors to take into account, and the biggest, most expensive projector screen might not be the best choice for your situation. First, decide whether you want a fixed or portable screen. For home use, a fixed screen will probably be your best choice. For business or classroom applications, though, a portable screen is likely to be more useful. Choosing a screen size depends more on how your audience will be seated and the size of the room rather than on the type of projector you’ll be using. You’ll need to decide on the aspect ratio as well. If you will primarily be watching movies, a 16:9 ratio is best. Some other factors you’ll want to consider include the screen fabric, how well you can control the lighting in the room, whether you want a fixed or motorized screen, curved or flat, and whether you’ll be using front or back projection. That’s an awful lot to take into account, but we at Screen Innovations have made it easy for you to decide on your best screen choice.

Use Our Wizard to Select the Best Projector Screen

Using the SI Screen Wizard couldn’t be simpler. Enter your screen ratio and the lighting in the room, plus as much information as you know about your projector and screen size. Click on the “continue” button, and you’ll get a chart that lists all the possible screen choices, color-coded so that you can easily see which ones offer the best image. The more information you can enter, the better the wizard can narrow your choices. Of course, we’d be happy to help you select your best screen. You can contact us by phone at 512-832-6939, send an email to or use our convenient and confidential online form.

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