Super technology - for a price that stuns. With all of the latest amenities included, our 1 series motorized offers you cutting edge motorized projection screen technology for a stunning price!
  • Gamma Projection Screen Material Gamma Gamma is a very popular front projection screen material for dark room environments. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Gamma 1.1 provides a wide viewing angle, bright picture and excellent color accuracy.
Flexible Yes
Assembly No
Max Size (16:9) 160
Custom Size No
Aspect Ratios 16:9
Materials Gamma
Tab Tension No
Custom Drop No
Mounting Options External

Where to buy

External Mount
for almost any application.

1 Series Motorized Mount Home Projector Screen

With our 1 Series external mounting system, you can find the perfect spot to mount your screen. The simple five step assembly and mounting process has been designed to accommodate a one person installation with a minimum of effort. 1 Series Motorized locks into place guaranteeing safety.

You haven’t heard quiet
Until you haven’t heard it.

You can’t have a high quality product that’s made up of low quality parts. When we set out to design a product, we make sure that all of the bits and pieces that make it up are the highest standard possible – including the motor. We now include the latest Somfy quiet-motor technology in all of our 1 series motorized screens. Who wants to disturb their environment with loud clunky buzzing sounds? With our motorized screens, and Somfy motors, you can rest assured that your environment will remain as undisturbed as possible.