Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen
The best projection screen money can buy. When we introduced Black Diamond® to the world in 2006, we turned the industry upside down and created a new category of product. The same thing happened when we created Zero Edge® and the combination of these two products is nothing less than awesome. You've got to see it to believe it.
  • SI Black Diamond 2.7 Black Diamond® 2.7 Black Diamond® is our award-winning ambient light rejecting screen in a high gain which gives you great viewing angle while also rejecting a large amount of ambient light.
  • SI Black Diamond 1.4 Black Diamond® 1.4 By far our most popular material, Black Diamond® 1.4 is our all around ambient light rejecting screen material which has good viewing angles as well as rejecting a large amount of ambient light.
  • SI Black Diamond 0.8 Black Diamond® .8 Black Diamond® .8 boasts the darkest black levels and greatest amount of ambient light rejection but with the smallest viewing cone of the three.
Flexible No
Assembly No
Max Size (16:9) 120
Custom Size Yes
Aspect Ratios 16:9, 16:10, 2.35:1, 2.40:1, 4:3
Materials Black Diamond

The unknowing may walk into a room with the Zero Edge and ask what type of “TV” it is.

Geoffrey Morrison, Residential Systems

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Totally Custom
For those who like to be different.

Residential Projector Screen Customization

Available in custom screen sizes and configurations up to 150″, and sold for a price that is often less than 80″ or larger flat panel TVs, the combination of a Zero Edge® screen and projector can deliver significantly more value per square inch than flat panel TVs.

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SMPTE Projector Screen Color Chart

Color Perfection
Actually, it’s beyond perfection.

In addition to preserving the contrast ratio from the projector, and increasing contrast performance over matte white screen materials by 900%, our Black Diamond® material also preserves the colors being produced by the projector. This is possible because Black Diamond® rejects the ambient light from the room which would include wall color, lights (which can push the screen into a different color temperature based), and other ambient light sources. Calibrating a screen has never been easier with our Black Diamond® material.

Black Diamond® Zero Edge®
Take an edge off.

What could possibly make Zero Edge® even better? Black Diamond® is the answer. True, Zero Edge® in and of itself is a ground-breaking technology, designed and created by SI. What happens when you combine Zero Edge® with Black Diamond®? An image that you truly have to see to believe. Now your screen does not need to be hidden away in a room in the dark corners of your home. Instead, show your screen off in your living room where you can entertain yourself and your guests in any environment, not with just the lights off.

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Black Diamond Zero Edge LEDs

Why not?

A slender new frame design with an integrated track system enables the use of optional LED Lighting behind the screen for added effect and to fully complement the room’s design and décor. No assembly is required; simply unpack and hang the screen.