Black Diamond™ 4K 0.8

black-diamond-ii-hd-08-blackBlack Diamond™ projection screen materials deliver an unbeatable experience in nearly any type of environment. Utilizing our proprietary ambient light rejecting technology, Black Diamond™ eliminates the need for a dark, dedicated entertainment space and allows two-piece projection to exist in high brightness areas anywhere, anytime.

Projector Types All
Gain 0.8
Half Gain 45
Minimum Throw Distance 1.5 x image width
Color Black
Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
Edge Blend Properties No
3D Active
Resolution >4K
Opacity 100%
Size 4.6′ x 150′ (8.75′ x 15.58′ rigid seamed)
Formats Fixed | Motorized | Zero Edge
Hot Spot Low
Texture Micro
Clean Microfiber
Transport Rolled 7″ Core


Whitepaper available: Click here to view.


Black Diamond™ G3 Screen Material Features Include

  • New 2.7 gain for Commercial and 3D applications.
  • Polarization preserving for passive 3D. Increases projector brightness by 2.7 times compared to a 1.0 gain screen.
  • Counter-intuitive viewing angle technology provides the high gain 2.7 Black Diamond with one of the widest viewing cones available.
  • New .8 and 1.4 gain materials are much darker with improved light rejection, increased contrast and smooth, razor sharp images.


Black Diamond is the most versatile screen solution available for Residential and Commercial applications. Some of the most typical uses are noted below, but this isn’t to say these aren’t the only places one can use Black Diamond™. That’s the beauty of Black Diamond™.

          Residential: Living rooms | Family rooms | Media rooms | Open concept rooms | Bar areas | Game rooms |    Bedrooms | Exercise rooms | Play rooms | Porches & Patios

          Commercial: Hospitality | Bars & Restaurants | Boardrooms | Training facilities | Houses of Worship | Legal facilities | Education | Healthcare | Venues | Rental & Staging

          Indoor & Outdoor: See specifications or call for information.


Black Diamond™ is the only screen material available that absorbs all of the unwanted ambient light in a room, making it a highly versatile screen solution for a wide variety of applications.

Uniquely designed to resolve the negative visual effects that are caused by light scatter, our proprietary ambient light rejecting technologies enable Black Diamond to absorb ambient light above, below, and even in the path of the projector. Not only does this reduce light scatter over 75%, it also preserve the projector’s contrast by allowing only the projector’s light to be reflected back into the viewer’s eyes. This results in more than a 900% boost in contrast compared to what would be achieved in the same space with the same lighting with any other screen material, paint or surface treatment.

Proudly made in Austin, TX, USA, Black Diamond screen materials are manufactured to rigorous standards, carry a lifetime replacement policy and are future compliant with resolutions greater than 4K.

Recommended Projectors

All types. Call for 3D information.

Maximum Seamless Size

  • 2.40:1 – 144in (393.7cm) diagonal
  • 16:9 -115in (292.1cm) diagonal
  • 4:3 – 95in (241.3cm) diagonal


0.43kg/m2 (0.09lb/ft2)


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