Lunar 4K .85 Projection Screen Material


Lunar 4K  is a .85 gain front projection screen material featuring a revolutionary new emboss pattern that provides perfect uniformity, perfect color neutrality and enhanced contrast, which preserves color saturation and accuracy in a multitude of challenging environments.

An ideal solution for residential or commercial installations, Lunar 4K is suited particularly well for applications with ambient light and/or those utilizing brighter projectors. Lunar 4K is available in 1” increments and custom aspect ratios for Reference Series Fixed or Reference Series Motorized projection screens, or in standard sizes and standard aspect ratios for Performance Series Fixed projection screens in sizes up 205”.

Projector Types All
Gain .85
Half Gain 80
Minimum Throw Distance .2 x image width
Color Gray
Ambient Light Resistance Needs Light Control
Edge Blend Properties Excellent
3D Active
Resolution >4K
Opacity 20%
Size 8.83′ x 330′ / larger seamed
Formats Fixed & Motorized
Hot Spot No
Texture No
Clean Microfiber
Transport Rolled 3″ Core


White paper available: click here to view.


Lunar 4K is an excellent .85 gain screen option for Residential and Commercial applications. It performs best when paired with ambient light and/or brighter projectors

Here are some typical uses, but these are certainly not the only places one can enjoy a Lunar screen.

  • Residential: Living rooms | Family rooms | Media rooms | Open concept rooms | Bar areas | Game rooms | Bedrooms | Exercise rooms | Play rooms | Porches & Patios
  • Commercial: Hospitality | Bars & Restaurants | Boardrooms | Training facilities | Houses of Worship | Legal facilities | Education | Healthcare | Venues | Rental & Staging
  • Indoor / Outdoor: See specifications or call for information.

For advice on attaining SMPTE standards in a variety of situations, refer to our Screen Wizard.


Lunar screen materials are available in Reference or Performance Fixed or Motorized projection screen configurations, making it a highly versatile screen solution for a variety of applications.

Proudly made in Austin, TX, USA, Lunar screen materials are manufactured to rigorous standards, carry a lifetime replacement policy and are future compliant with resolutions greater than 4K.

Recommended Projectors

All types. Call for 3D information.

Maximum Available Sizes by Aspect Ratio

  • 2.35:1 – 205in (520.7cm) diagonal
  • 2.40:1 – 205in (520.7cm) diagonal
  • 16:9 – 205in (520.7cm) diagonal
  • 4:3 -160in (426.72cm) diagonal


0.43kg/m2 (0.09lb/ft2)


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