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Good Afternoon,

Ryan, I have been speaking to Amy Granger for the past 2 days on different screens types to put in my media room and I have to say she is the best person to represent your company.

I have been going to several Home Theater Stores trying to figure out the best setup for my media room and everyone seemed to have different ideas and in one instance I was told to get your lower end screen and it would be fine with my Epson 6030UB projector. I was getting confused so I called SI directly. I was connected to Amy and she explained to me in detail what the difference were in each screen and what type of screen would be best for my media room. She gave me 2 choices that would work (A Solar and the Diamond). Amy saved me from making a drastic mistake on buying a screen that was suggested to me by a retail store because it could only handle 720p. Amy was very professional and friendly and seemed liked she really enjoyed her job and helping people. Because of Amy, I am going to buy a Black Diamond Screen and spread the word through my office that if you want Quality and GREAT service they will need to call SI. Again, thank you for such GREAT service because as you know that is hard to find nowadays.

Thank you.

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