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How do I use the Big Screen Experience video?

How do I use the Big Screen Experience Video?

There are many different ways in which you can access these free videos and get them onto your big screen, or sharing them online. The following are instructions on a few ways to accomplish that.

Embedding the video on your website

Copy the code
Copy the following code to the location in your website’s code where you would like the video to be embedded. If you are unsure of how to do this, please consult your webmaster.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Downloading and uploading to YouTube

Gain access
Click on the “Get it now” link on the Big Screen Experience home page. This will enable a prompt asking for you to enter your information to gain access to the download.


Download the video
After you’ve entered your information, you will see a list of available download formats. There are several versions already pre-formatted to work well with YouTube. Right click the one(s) that you want and click “Download Linked File As..” (Mac) or “Save Link As…” (PC). This will download the file to your specified location on your computer.

download the big screen experience

Upload to YouTube (or other)
YouTube, and other video hosting companies like Vimeo make it simple to upload and share your videos online. You can follow these simple instructions from YouTube on how to upload and share your videos once you’ve downloaded them from our site. How to upload YouTube videos

upload the big screen experience

How to play the content on your screen

Our method of choice for display content on our screens is to put our desired content onto a USB key, and insert that into a compatible media player. Most modern Blu-ray players also function as a media player with usb slots in either the front, back or both. Another simple method is to use a laptop, or other computer that you can hook into your projector or switch, and play the content directly from the laptop. All Apple devices communicate seamlessly with the Apple TV which creates an extremely simple and easy way to get content displayed on your screen.

Complete the previous download steps
Before you can load the content on your player you must download it to your computer. Complete the previous steps before continuing.

Move the video(s) onto a USB key
Once you have downloaded the content to your computer, you can then plug your USB key into your computer and transfer the files to it. Make sure you properly eject your USB key before removing it.

Load the USB key into the media device
Make sure that your media device is connected to your projector, and then insert your USB key into the device. Your device should have a user interface that will enable you to navigate to where the content is loaded via the USB key. Locate it and select the video you would like to play.

Free 4k Download
Now Available!

There are certain experiences that you can only get with a really, really big screen. We produced this video, made available to you for free in 4k and HD resolutions, to help you understand how having a larger screen can open up your media world beyond just watching movies.

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What is the Big Screen Experience?

Big Screen Experience Icons
Video ChatVideo Chatting with Grandparents

Video Chatting with Grandparents

When video-chatting with your friends and loved ones, the experience is completely different when immersed on a big screen. Instead of a head-shot video that’s the size of a postage stamp, now you can immerse yourself with life-sized video which is the next best thing to actually being present there in the room.

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Epic Movie NightEpic big screen movie night

A Movie Night Like No Other

Get ready to completely change everything you’ve known about the movie night experience up until now. The big screen experience when watching a movie with your friends and family is something that will bring everyone together in a way in which is sure to leave memories that last generations.

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Video GamesVideo games big screen

Video Games

If you haven’t experienced video games on a big screen, then you haven’t lived. Interactivity is 100x more interactive on a screen that’s 100-inches or greater.

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Video Chatshopping-235-web


Don’t use thumbnails for your online shopping experience. Those small images become poster sized when on a big screen. The at home shopping wave is coming and growing faster than ever and with great tools like the 3d eye from the Xbox Kinect, you can now actually try clothes on in your own home – 100% digitally. This kind of interactivity is only possible on a big screen.

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Don't Be This Guy

Don’t Be This Guy…

Don’t be like this sad man who is stuck by himself, not enjoying the Big Screen Experience, with only his dog to keep him company. Get the true Big Screen Experience and open your media world today! #dontbethatguy

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