The Screen Innovations® SIFI is an expandable IP based PoE powered automation and control gateway that enables control of our full indoor and outdoor shade line from all popular control systems such as Control4, Crestron, Savant and many more. IEEE 802.3 Power over Ethernet options including the new BT standard for powering your bus devices. This is a full-featured gateway with open and published API.

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SI.FI drawing

Power Input Options

PoE – 48V DC
Port 1 – 24V DC (optional)


Power Consumption



SDN Power Units

Port 2 – Provides 40 Power Units
Port 1 – Consumes 6 Power Units





Operating Temperature Range

Ambient temperature



3.53” L x 2.375” W x 2.125” H


Max. Wiring Distance (Ethernet)

328’ from the router using standard Cat5e cable


Indoor use only
Max. Wiring Distance (SDN)

Port 2 – 900’ total wire length


Shipping Weight

1 lb.


2 Expansion Slots

Available Expansion Modules:


POE (included)

PEC MK II enables SI.FI device to be powered over a PoE connection, and pass power to devices over Port 2 provides 40 power units.


WIFI (sold seperately)

WEC MK I enables SIFI connection to WIFI networks


ZIGBEE 3.0 (soon sold seperately)

ZEC MK I enables SIFI connection to Zigbee 3.0 networks.

  • Embedded commissioning software
  • Simplified SDN programming
  • Powered via PoE
  • Powered via Port 1 – SDN bus line (optional)
  • Single integration point for third-party automation systems over IP or RS232
  • Compatible with SDN 2.0
  • Works with Somfy Synergy™ API
  • Controls virtually unlimited motors
  • SDDP Integration
  • Lutron compatibility
Compliance Specifications
  • UL Listed
  • CE Approved


Supported Protocols
  • TCP, UDP, TELNET Client, WEB Server, HTTP, UPNP, SDDP, Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) & The Somfy Synergy™ API

Cable Pinouts
Port 1

RS232 input or RS485/Power input optional

SI.FI Cable pinout drawing Port 1

Port 2

SDN input

SI.FI Cable pinout drawing Port 2

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