Front and Back Viewing

Sometimes your environment calls for rear projection and sometimes, front projection. Sometimes, however, you want both. 360 is a fantastic screen material for rear-projection purposes but is also capable of producing a nearly identical image on the opposite side, regardless of projector location.
360 Rear Projection Material
Max Width 3600″
Max Height 106″
Max Diagonal* 200″
Gain .85
ALR 15%
Half Gain 80°
Minimum Throw 0.2 x Image Width
Projection Type** Front or Rear

* Diagonal sizes in this spec are measured in 16:9 aspect ratio. ** Image will be reversed on one side of the viewing surface.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

360 utilizes and incredibly smooth diffusion layer within the viewing surface which allows the projected light to be perfectly distributed in all directions. This perfect distribution creates and incredible wide viewing cone enabling extreme off-axis viewing.

Two Screens for the Price of One

Save your money! Our dual-sided viewing capability of 360 means with a single projector and 360 screen, you can do what took two projectors and two screens before. Hang a screen over your restaurant or bar and

Let’s Do This.

Let's Do This.