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Data Hub

A bus component that adds 5 device ports to the bus line. Wire lengths from the device to the data hub can be a maximum of 200 ft. For connecting multiple RS485 SI screens and accessories for communication.

Janus Starter Kit

Power and control for use with our low voltage power RS485 controlled screens. Starter pack including one Ultra High Density power and distribution hub for up to eight screens and up to eight SDN bus devices such as DecoFlex keypads. Also includes a PoE control gateway with built-in web server for control and screen limit settings, and a JANUS power supply.


Fontus interfaces with Janus to convert 485 communication and power over five conductor wire to only two conductors. Full two-way control & full power is maintained using our advanced BCP encoding & decoding protocol. Fontus also includes 2 dry contact closures and a wet contact closure for use with control.
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