Connect power LED on, but still not working (no Dry Contact Trigger)

Categories: Connect
May 02 2018

    Possible Cause:
  • RJ11 Connection.

  • RJ11 Connection
  • Ensure the RJ11 connection are fully plugged in and seated, and that the correct wiring has been used, with pin #3 (ring) typically Blue and pin #4 (tip) typically white with blue stripe and pin #6 (tip) typically white with brown stripe and are consistent on both sides of the UTP cable. If the control system GPIO uses RJ45 you are free to terminate in T568a or b when using these colors.
  • Note: There is no stop command, and the connection is momentary, and care should be taken to ensure mutually exclusive (break-before-make) contact when switching between pins 3 and 6.

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