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Frame velvet imperfections

Possible Cause
Damaged during install or shipping.

Please take pictures of the carton the frame arrived in and imperfections to the velvet.

I just installed my screen and there are wrinkles in the material

Possible Cause
Wrinkles in newly installed material will eventually flatten out.

Please give the material time to heal. You can place the screen in a warm room to help the material relax. If the material does not flatten out, please contact Customer Support.

Possible Cause
The attachment hardware in the frame is not evenly spaced.

For screens with snaps, make sure the snaps are evenly spaced in the channel of the frame. For screens with bungees, make sure the post are evenly spaced in the channel of the frame. All bungees should be at ninety degree angles.

Possible Cause:
The Maestro White material is bunched up on the tension rod.

Redistribute the material on the tension rod. Start at the point where the wrinkles are located.

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