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Motor moving in reverse

Possible Cause
Motor polarity reversed.

Disconnect power. Pull down the PCB tray. Unplug the white data cable connected to the Somfy input on the board. Plug the data cable directly into the back of the Somfy wall switch. Move the dip switch toggle on the back of the wall switch into the down position. Press and hold the stop button for 5 seconds and then release. Polority should then reverse. Move dipswitch back into the center position.

Screen won’t operate

Possible Cause
No AC power available.

Check to see if the circuit breaker has switched off. Reset if needed. Check outboard switching apparatus. Check voltage availability. Contact an electrician.

Indentions appear on the screen surface

Possible Cause
Debris or particles clinging to the screen due to static cling.

Check both sides of the screen for dust or debris. Wipe the back of the screen with a microfiber cloth. Also, lightly brush off the front of the screen.

Dirt, fingerprints, marks, etc. on screen surface

Possible Cause
Improper handling of screen.

Follow the cleaning instructions outlines in the Screen Material Cleaning Guide.

Motor shuts off. Motor has been in use for more than two minutes

Possible Cause
Motor is designed for short operations (lowering and retracting), continuous duty. Longer operation causes the motor to overheat and shutoff. This typically happens during installation when testing the screen.

Allow the motor to cool down. Complete cooling can take an hour or more. Heat gain is cumulative and takes time to dissipate. If the motor use is initiated before it has cooled completely, the motor will shut down again when it reaches maximum temperature.

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