Slate AT, Salamander, and Sony by Infinite Home Theater

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This theater room is coming together so nicely. We love that it’s simple in design, but will be incredibly impactful when in use. Have a few final details that need to go in to it- color matching the speaker grilles to the wall color and a few minor programming items. Other than that, this room is a wrap! We have the wonderful 3 s’s in here: Salamander for both the seating and the AV cabinet, Screen Innovations for the slate projection screen, as well as Sony for the 4K projector. Obviously we can’t forget that there are Triad Silver speakers and subwoofers, Control4 as our universal remote system and a Marantz SR7030 for our receiver. It’s a great space for a great family. We can’t wait for them to enjoy this dedicated theater room! #screeninnovations#slatescreen #sony#4kprojector #marantz #contol4#triadspeakers #slamanderdesigns#hometheater #audiovideo #automation#smarthome #boiseidaho #meridianidaho#eagleidaho #mccallidaho

Our projector was a Sony 4K, and while it has a beautiful image, it’s certainly not the brightest projector out there. Because of those two reasons, we went with a Screen Innovations 5-Series screen with the Slate AT 1.2 gain surface.

This screen surface is an ALR (ambient light rejecting) which absorbs up to 65% of the light in the ambient light in the room that would normally wash out the screen. It also naturally increases the projector contrast and improves the brightness. In short – it makes the projector bold, bright, and with full color uniformity! The Slate AT surface is actually rated for 8K video which means it can handle 4K reproduction with ease! If you have any specific questions about a project send us a message or go visit the guys at @siscreens and we’ll help you out!

Contact this dealer:
1200 E Watertower, Suite #130
Meridian, ID 83642


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