ALR For the World.

We spent three years in the lab to create a flexible, ALR screen that can go massive, and adheres to only the strictest visual acuity and uniformity standards. Most importantly – it had to be affordable.

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Slate .8
Slate .8
Slate 1.2
Slate 1.2
Slate 1.4
Slate 1.4
Max Width 3600″
Max Height 106″
Min Height 108″
Max Diagonal* 200″
Gain .8 1.2 1.4
ALR 70% 65% 60%
Half Gain 30° 35° 37°
Minimum Throw 1.5 x Image Width 1.5 x Image Width 1.5 x Image Width
Projection Type Front Only Front Only Front Only

* Diagonal sizes in this spec are measured in 16:9 aspect ratio.


Thanks to its flexible chemical makeup, the multi-particle Slate material can roll tightly and stretched when necessary. That means we can utilize it in a lot of unique applications such as Zero-G®, Transformer®, and Zero Edge®. There is also the added benefit of being able to roll it on a small core for shipping simplifying logistics challenges.

Large & in Charge

Your Slate screen comes from a roll that is up to 189in (4800mm) tall. That equates to sizes up to 375in (9525mm) diagonally in 16:9. We can also seam the material with our proprietary micro-seaming technique, creating images nearly double that size. Imagine a 16ft tall optical screen!

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