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Choosing the right screen is an important part of any high-end video system. Other factors such as ambient room lighting, screen size and projector type plays into the decision on a screen. The Screen Innovations Black Diamond II is available in two difference screen gains (0.8 and 1.4). For this review we decided to go […]

I think that the more people realize screens like the Black Diamond II projection screen exist, the more often they’ll consider video projection for their media rooms — because while everyone loves a big screen, no one loves stumbling around in the dark.  read more

(Listen Here) If you’ve been listening to our show for a while you know that we have embarked on a journey to put front projection systems in our media rooms. Braden is nearly complete and is just putting the final touches on his room. Ara is a bit behind Braden and is now just pulling […]

Just did a Demo on SI Black Diamond…. So went into a out of town dealer that has Stewart and SI Black Diamond screens and did a demo test with BluRay Dark Knight… Wow were my eyes opened. Projector was a Runco LS-3 1000 lumen… First off the Stewart Fire Hawk G3 screen was impressive […]

Like the award-winning Black Diamond fixed screen, Black Diamond Motorized screen takes projection out of the dark and into the light by increasing projector contrast by 900% over standard screen materials. Customers can enjoy the benefits of projection in environments where only flat panel TVs could exist before, making Black Diamond Motorized ideal for family […]

“In our sixth year of honoring the best industrial designs in the CEDIA channel, I couldn’t be happier with our finalists,” said Jeremy Glowacki, editorial director of Residential Systems. “These products demonstrate that ergonomics, intuitive functionality, and elegance of design do not need to be compromised in a down economy.”

I’m sold on the Black Diamond 1.4. That said, I’m equally curious about the .8 version. I’d like to see what the .8’s blacks can look like. Still, figuring that this is more of a family room projector, than one for a dedicated theater, the extra brightness of the 1.4 is sure to be appreciated. […]

I did some extensive research into various projectors and screens for my home theater. I knew I wanted the best possible picture quality for my budget. Like most people with home theaters, I planned on watching movies with little to no ambient light. I also knew I wanted to go to a 2.35:1 aspect ratio […]

If there’s one enduring problem with using a projector in a normal living room environment, it’s not being able to get the room dark enough. It just isn’t usually practical to have a main room of the house submerged into the total blackness that a satisfying home cinema viewing experience really demands. This is especially […]