Donn Dunn Master Bedroom Project

SI Motorized Shade and Screen Combine to Create Movie Magic in a Master Suite

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About this Project
Every square inch of this stunning waterfront home caters to the aesthetic tastes and the busy, family-focused lifestyle of its owners. Equal parts elegant and eye-catching for entertaining guests, comfortable and serene for quiet evenings of solitude, the home’s panoramic views of the shore and beautifully integrated technologies satisfy both pursuits, synchronized to evoke an atmosphere that is as smart as it is visually stunning.

Uniting the design and technology was no easy feat, given the home’s hurricane-proof construction of concrete and steel. But Donnie Dunn of Haven Smart was up for the challenge, relying on wireless motorized window shades and a levitating projection screen from Screen Innovations to deliver an amazing entertainment experience to the owners’ favorite place to unwind: the master suite.

The Challenge
Concrete and steel home construction is typical in hurricane territory, but inside, these unforgiving materials add complexity and difficulty to the addition of home technologies, particularly those requiring ample amounts of new wiring. In this master bedroom, a wall of ceiling-to-floor windows exacerbated this prewire problem, leaving no wall space to mount a display and nor protection from the harsh sunlight.

Donn Dunn Master Bedroom Project

The Solution
A combination of SI products solved both issues, creating the comfortable, engaging, and private entertainment escape the homeowners craved from their luxurious master suite. To control incoming sunlight, Dunn mounted a slender SI Nano motorized shade cassette above each window. Wireless and stylish, the custom cassettes installed easily and blended beautifully with the room’s contemporary décor. The shades descend in unison on command from a Control4 remote to darken the room. Pressing another button summons a SI Zero-G motorized screen cassette to lower a 120-inch projection screen and BenQ 4K laser projector into the room. Without any distractions from the outside world, the owners can immerse themselves in a movie.

This doesn’t mean the viewing experience suffers when the shades are open and sunlight is streaming into the room, though. In fact, Dunn chose the motorized Zero-G projection screen specifically for this reason. Made of Si’s Ambient Light Rejecting fabric, the screen renders bright, vivid images of high contrast even when hanging across a portion of uncovered windowpanes. In this setting, the owners can enjoy an outdoor and indoor view together without compromise.

It makes them feel as if they are watching movies on the waterfront, which is one of their favorite features

— Donnie Dunn of Haven Smart

Even the innovative cabling system the screen is suspended from contributes to the effect. The cables are so thin and imperceptible, the Zero-G appears to levitate in mid-air, making it seem a more natural part of the room design. The absence of black masking fabric above the screen— a common feature of most motorized projection screens— further preserves the view.

By outfitting the master suite with two types of motorized solutions, SI and Smart Haven created a multi-functional master suite that transitions effortlessly from a room with a sensational outdoor view to an incredible entertainment destination. Thanks to the wireless, imperceptible installation of the screen and shade solutions, the technology looks and functions as a natural part of the room design—whether the shades and screen are up or down.

Donn Dunn Master Bedroom Project


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