Slate AT

Best Sound. Best Image. Lights on.

We created Slate® AT to give customers the best of both worlds; the best image and the best sound. Pure and Slate® deliver peerless image uniformity and remarkably sharp image reproduction by managing the texture pattern down to 9 times finer than standard white or gray materials.

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Invisible Sound

Imagine hiding your favorite LCR speakers behind a massive Zero Edge® screen with our popular Backlighting system. Even with the lights on.

Acoustic Perfection

The effect of the perforated screen has very little attenuation starting at about 1-2kHz and up. Typical impact on frequency response is well within the -3db range with a peak attenuation of -6db at 20kHz. This difference is easily corrected by most modern receivers with room correction. Additionally, many architectural speakers feature a treble compensation switch to adjust for this type of installation.


Slate AT .8
Slate AT 1.2
Max Width3600″
Max Height106″
Max Diagonal*200″
Half Gain30°35°
Hole Size0.55mm
(21 thousandths)
(21 thousandths)
Openness7% Open7% Open
Minimum Throw1.5 x Image Width1.5 x Image Width
Projection TypeFront OnlyFront Only

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