Solo Pro 2 Screen Turns Rooftop Deck into an Outdoor Cinema; Receives Accolades from CEDIA

SI’s portable Solo Pro 2 screen and its clever installation by Atlantic Control Technologies earns honors as a finalist of CEDIA’s Best Integrated Home, Level III, award.

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Outdoor entertaining can be a tricky thing to pull off. It takes some diligent planning and the right products to do it just right. The home systems integration team at Atlantic Control Technologies (ACT), Annapolis, MD, pulled it off beautifully for the owners of a luxury beach house on the shores of the Atlantic, thanks in part to a versatile, battery-powered 110-inch projection screen from Screen Innovations. Along with a myriad of indoor AV and automation features, the spectacular outdoor entertainment area helped ACT secure a spot as a finalist of CEDIA’s Best Integrated Home, Level III, award.

The Solo Pro 2 motorized screen selected for the rooftop deck offers the owners many entertainment options. Designed for portability, it’s small and light enough to bring outside when the weather is nice and quickly carry it back inside at the first drop of rain. The screen material rolls up easily into a slender housing, which attaches easily to almost any surface. For this application, and to make it easy for the homeowners, ACT devised a mounting system to ensure precise positioning of the screen for optimal video quality and viewing comfort. The Solo Pro 2 cassette hooks to a large, custom-built pillar in front of the family’s favorite seating area. To prep the space for a movie, the owners simply attach the cassette, tap a button on a Screen Innovations handheld remote, and the screen fully descends.

Located a few feet away on a coffee table is another portable piece of technology—a short-throw Epson video projector. “As part of our design process we installed the coffee table permanently to ensure proper placement of the projector,” says ACT operations manager Jan Erik Eden. For convenience, all of the essential power and AV inputs for the projector were built into the coffee table.

The owners just plug in and turn on the projector, roll down the screen, and their outdoor movie theater is ready

— Kevin Crow, President Excel AV

The only step left is selecting what to watch—cable, Blu-Ray Disc, or Apple TV. An RTI remote handles this task. For audio, ACT equipped the area with a complete surround-sound system comprised of soundbar and subwoofer from James Loudspeaker and two PlanterSpeakers.

The Solo Pro 2 screen is only part of the flexible, aesthetically pleasing, weather-hardy outdoor video package. Projected images always look best when presented in a dark environment, so the owners introduce the 110-incher to the rooftop deck primarily at night. For casual daytime, they can choose to watch an 85-inch Seura outdoor TV instead. Stowed inside a perfectly sized cavity of the same pillar on which the Solo Pro 2 screen attaches, the display makes an appearance after the screen has been tucked away and the owners command a motorized cover to retract from the face of the pillar. Unlike the Solo Pro 2 cassette which is easy to move, the heavy 85-inch display stays put, relying on the motorized cover to protect it from inclement weather when it’s not being used.

The clever dual-screen rooftop entertainment system gives the homeowners and their guests the best of both worlds. Larger-than-life imagery for movie nights, and a smaller yet clear and vibrant video presentation for casual daytime viewing. Plus, with the combination of portable and permanent screens, the family can rest assured that their technology is well protected from harsh weather conditions.

Solo Pro 2 Screen Turns Rooftop Deck into an Outdoor Cinema

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Solo Pro 2

System Configuration:

  • Screen: Screen Innovations 110” Solo Pro 2 with Slate material.
  • Projector: Epson short throw.
  • Audio: James Loudspeaker soundbar and subwoofer, (2) PlanterSpeakers.

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