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The Sky is Not the Limit.

We have always been, and always will be about experiences—by creating unique products to separate you from the noise, simplifying your life, and together building a non-traditional family in an industry that has been stagnant for years.

Our passion for experiences, however, does not end with the absolute best, most unique, and innovative screens in the galaxy, but by also partnering our dealers with a forward thinking company that actually cares. We are not just in the business of revolutionary product development, we’re in the business of revolutionary partner development.

About Us Timeline

May 8


Imagine a Zero Edge® projection screen that disappears into a 2 3/4″ clear anodized cassette. Now imagine being able to take the cassette anywhere. Meet Solo, a wireless, motorized, Zero Edge screen that can run for 2 years on a single charge.
May 7


Designed from 30 years of experience in the shading manufacturing industry, our all-new line of indoor and outdoor shades are designed to rock the industry with what we do best: innovation.
May 6


We weren’t happy with the current offering in the screen masking arena so we ditched the mask completely and created a screen that, quite literally, grows to the perfect ratio, matching your content. It’s like magic, and with Slate® you can now enjoy your perfect viewing experience in environments with ambient light.
May 9

slate at

Slate AT
Imagine hiding your favorite LCR speakers behind a massive Zero Edge® screen with our popular Backlighting system. Even with the lights on.
May 9


Say goodbye to the black mask above the viewing surface with Zero-G®, an all-new take on motorized projection screens.
May 8

first screen in space

ISS Viewscreen
Comissioned by NASA, our one of a kind "ISS ViewScreen" became the first screen in space, living aboard the International Space Station.
May 9


We spent two years in the lab to create a flexible, ALR screen that can go massive, adheres to only the strictest visual acuity and uniformity standards, and most importantly - is affordable.
May 8

black diamond® film

Black Diamond Film
Introducing Black Diamond® Rear-Pro Film, the coolest new display technology to hit the commercial and residential markets. BD® RP is a diffusion rear projection film that can be applied to any transparent surface to create dynamic digital displays.
May 9


Because of the extreme engineering required to manufacture the optical qualities in Black Diamond, it is limited in height. To overcome this, we created a system that uses smaller tiles placed together in a precision running-bond pattern in order to create one larger screen.
May 8


Stop buying rigid panel, glass rear-projection screens! With FlexGlass, you can configure your screen into many different shapes such as an S-Shape or even a 360 circle due to its flexible nature.
May 9

zero edge®

Zero Edge
We took a close look at traditional frame design and found that removing the 3.5” bezel created a more aesthetically pleasing look, and allowed projection screens, for the first time, to be incorporated into the design of a room.
May 9

black diamond®

Black Diamond
Not everyone wants to retreat to a darkened room to enjoy watching the game, or playing games with friends and family. We solved this problem in 2008 when we released Black Diamond®, the first (and still the only) optical screen that rejects light from above, below, and on both sides.
May 9

industry first screen wizard

Screen Material Wizard
Our entire purpose has always been do drive the two-piece projection industry farther than it has ever gone before and in so doing, we knew that we must develop an excellent set of tools to aid end users and dealers alike in the decision making and installation process. In 2006, we introduced the worlds very first Screen Wizard tool, allowing individuals to calculate the exact recommended materials in seconds.
May 31

screen innovations founded (hidden)

Placeholder for year 2003 only

screen innovations founded

SI was started in Ryan Gustafson’s garage in 2003, frustrated with the lack of quality and innovation in the screen markets, he ventured out to build his own. The rest is history. Ever since, we have continued his focus on quality and innovation in our hand-built product line, growing into the company we are today. We employ over 100 Americans (including some Veterans and former Military) to whom we offer competitive wages, health and dental insurance, retirement benefits and more.

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