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“I’m the happy new owner of a 110 inch BD fixed frame screen”

2014-03-10 07:25:53

As of a few weeks ago, I’m the happy new owner of a 110 inch BD fixed frame screen purchased from the Big Screen Store up here in Maryland. I paired the BD with an Epson 6020 and to say the picture is impressive is an understatement. It looks fantastic! I am new to the […]

“An excellent product”

2013-11-08 04:47:02

I just wanted to thank you guys for making an excellent product. I had a pull down screen, a diy painted screen, and an Elitescreens sable series previously, and I was massively disappointed in all of them. I know you guys get a lot of praise for the Black Diamond, but your entry level Sensation […]

“Black Diamond better than my LCD flat panel”

2013-11-08 04:29:47

BTW, my black diamond screen screen is AMAZING!!!!  It makes my projector look like a perfect huge LCD screen and I can’t see any pixels.  I will never go to the movies again!! Stephen Cybuch  Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

“The new Black Diamond film on it was AMAZING!”

2013-10-02 02:07:27

CEDIA Expo 2013 was full of great products this year, but nobody topped SI. The piece of acrylic hanging from the ceiling with the new Black Diamond film on it was AMAZING! It has been quite a while since I have had a product that truely blew my mind! It seriously sent my mind into […]

Latest Reviews

Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pure White 1.3 Screen

2014-03-05 12:50:05

By: Adrienne Maxwell, March 5, 2014 HTR Product Rating Performance 4.5 Stars Value 3.5 Stars Overall 4 Stars When most of us hear the name Screen Innovations, our minds probably go to Black Diamond, the company’s popular ambient-light-rejecting screen material that helps projectors to perform better in brighter viewing environments. Suffice to say, that product line has been a huge success […]

Screen is Center Stage in Family Room Theater

2013-10-15 18:58:03

Some people plan their home theaters around a dream projector, a favorite set of speakers or a special movie theme or design concept. The piece of gear that drove Sam Manessis’ home theater was one that many enthusiasts hardly even think about—the screen. The screen Manessis had his heart set on is Screen Innovation’s Black […]

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Review

2013-07-09 09:55:40

If there’s one enduring problem with using a projector in a normal living room environment, it’s not being able to get the room dark enough. It just isn’t usually practical to have a main room of the house submerged into the total blackness that a satisfying home cinema viewing experience really demands. This is especially […]

Black Diamond is “a sleek “zero-glare” alternative to flat-panel TV”

2013-06-19 10:46:00

By Bob Ankosko- Home Theater magazine, June 18, 2013.   Hailed as a sleek “zero-glare” alternative to flat-panel TVs the Black Diamond Motorized projection screen is ideal for minimalist décors and spaces that simply don’t have room for a huge screen. Hit a wall switch and, like magic, a slender tube descends from the ceiling and […]