Reviews & Testimonials

  • Rick’s Customers Love Screen Innovations
    Mar 25 2015 Rick, with Technology Interiors pulled us aside this year (2015) during the ProSource conference to show us how he uses SI products. Everybody just goes crazy with... more
  • A Full Slate of Unexpected Value
    Nov 05 2014 Robert Archer with CE Pro wrote up an excellent review of our middle-market Slate™ product. Robert benchmarked our Slate™ material with his previous Black Diamond .8 gain... more
  • Lindsay Britton
    Oct 13 2014 I just wanted to drop you a note that I obviously should have done 6 months ago. Thank you so much for the screen you sent me. I have had it in use since the day it arrived... more
  • Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge screen
    Sep 30 2014 Screens have always been lacking in the industrial design department. After all, there is not much you can do with a bright white or murky grayish flap of material other... more
  • Screen Innovations Slate Projection Screen
    Sep 30 2014 PRICE $2,049 (as tested) AT A GLANCE Plus Superb color and contrast with room lights out Lights-on viewing can be more satisfying than with a conventional screen... more
  • I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you!
    Sep 05 2014 My name is Alex, I'm from ****, MI. I called a few months ago with some questions about black diamond screens and didn't expect to get the guy in all the videos. You answered... more
  • Because of Amy, I am going to buy a Black Diamond Screen and spread the word through my office…
    May 12 2014 Good Afternoon, Ryan, I have been speaking to Amy Granger for the past 2 days on different screens types to put in my media room and I have to say she is the best person to... more
  • Andrew Michael Pepper
    May 12 2014 We love our 110" slate zero edge, thank you all so much!!! Our family, friends and neighbors love coming over to enjoy it!!! Drew & Katie... more

Changing The Game
In Projection Screens

Screen Innovations has always done things a bit differently. Founded in 2004 out of Ryan Gustafson’s garage, Screen Innovations set out to completely revolutionize the projector screen industry. We like to say that “Innovation is our DNA” because the building blocks of our company, our essence, thrives on creating products that challenge the industry by thinking outside the dedicated theater room. Find out where to buy.

Projector Screens
in Any Environment

At first, projection screens needed a dark room dedicated to their use. Seeing this limitation, Screen Innovations created Black Diamond™, the first and only projector screen to reject 85% of ambient light in both horizontal and vertical planes. For the first time ever, you could now enjoy watching the game in your living room, with all the lights on. Watching movies and playing games on the big screen suddenly became an experience anyone could enjoy in any environment! See Black Diamond™ in action!