Reviews & Testimonials

  • A Full Slate of Unexpected Value
    Nov 05 2014 Robert Archer with CE Pro wrote up an excellent review of our middle-market Slate™ product. Robert benchmarked our Slate™ material with his previous Black Diamond .8 gain... more
  • Lindsay Britton
    Oct 13 2014 I just wanted to drop you a note that I obviously should have done 6 months ago. Thank you so much for the screen you sent me. I have had it in use since the day it arrived... more
  • Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge screen
    Sep 30 2014 Screens have always been lacking in the industrial design department. After all, there is not much you can do with a bright white or murky grayish flap of material other... more
  • Screen Innovations Slate Projection Screen
    Sep 30 2014 PRICE $2,049 (as tested) AT A GLANCE Plus Superb color and contrast with room lights out Lights-on viewing can be more satisfying than with a conventional screen... more
  • I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you!
    Sep 05 2014 My name is Alex, I'm from ****, MI. I called a few months ago with some questions about black diamond screens and didn't expect to get the guy in all the videos. You answered... more
  • Because of Amy, I am going to buy a Black Diamond Screen and spread the word through my office…
    May 12 2014 Good Afternoon, Ryan, I have been speaking to Amy Granger for the past 2 days on different screens types to put in my media room and I have to say she is the best person to... more
  • Andrew Michael Pepper
    May 12 2014 We love our 110" slate zero edge, thank you all so much!!! Our family, friends and neighbors love coming over to enjoy it!!! Drew & Katie... more
  • Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pure White 1.3 Screen Reviewed
    May 09 2014 By: Adrienne Maxwell, March 5, 2014 When most of us hear the name Screen Innovations, our minds probably go to Black Diamond, the company's popular... more