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Black Diamond®
Rear-Pro Film.

Introducing Black Diamond® Rear-Pro Film, the coolest new display technology to hit the commercial and residential markets. BD® RP is a diffusion rear projection film that can be applied to any transparent surface to create dynamic digital displays. Black Diamond® Film encompasses a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive ad release liner for easy application. Black Diamond® Rear-Pro has unmatched light rejection creating contrast levels ideal for retail and in-window displays, exhibits and trade shows, corporate lobbies, board rooms, houses of worship and even home theater.
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It’s not just for cameras anymore.

Black Diamond® Film can be utilized for vast commercial applications, retail stores, restaurants and bars, event centers, houses of worship, digital signage and more. The options and opportunities that Black Diamond® Rear-Pro Film delivers are virtually limitless.

Rear-Pro’s Curve.

Black Diamond® Rear-Pro Film can be adhered to curved acrylic or glass surfaces giving you the perfect cylinder and eliminating the compound curve most flexible screens inherit. Semirigid is popular in simulation command & control, where edge blending needs a perfectly symmetrical viewing surface.
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