The World’s Sharpest
White and Gray Screen.

Filling a void onscreen and in the marketplace, Pure® White and Gray projection screens feature SI’s proprietary Micro Texture that is nine (9) times finer and smoother than that of the best screen material available on the market today. Capable of reproducing perfect resolution from 1080P to 8K and beyond, Pure delivers image quality that is razor sharp with perfect color and uniformity that provides a sensory experience unlike any other.

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The primary selling point of the Pure White 1.3 material is its ultra-fine granularity, and it is undoubtedly the smoothest, least textured screen material I’ve ever reviewed.

Adrienne Maxwell,

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Pure® White & Gray
What can I do with it?

Pure® 4K is an excellent front projection screen option for Residential and Commercial applications. It performs best when paired with bright projectors used in dim to moderately well lit environments with lighting that is focused away from the screen, as this type of screen material does not absorb ambient light.
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Razor Sharp
Watch out, it’ll cut ya.

A common tool for rating surface textures, the Grit Chart illustrates the differences in screen “grit”, or, the number of abrasive particles per square inch. Unlike every other screen available, one cannot see any noticeable texture on Pure™ screens with the naked eye. This is made possible by our patented coating process that allows the highest level of contrast possible, and is ideally suited for all projector technologies including ultra-short throw and edge blending.

Pure Grit Graph