Zero Edge

Zero Edge Style

When we introduced Zero Edge® to the world in 2011, it became the world’s first fixed frame screen built to be incorporated into the design of a room.
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    Zero Edge Frame Style

    The 3/8″ bezel minimizes the frame, while standing off the wall for added depth and aesthetic appeal.

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    Advanced Material Options

    Solar White and Solar Gray, our leading budget oriented products offer high-quality image reproduction.

Hand Built All of our screens are built by hand in Austin, Texas and Zero Edge is no exception. We strive for the absolute best quality and craftsmanship in every screen that we make.
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LED Backlight

Our optional LED Lighting accessory adds ambience behind the screen to fully complement the room’s design and décor and to reduce eye strain for content with rapid transitions from dark to bright.
IR Control Manually operated with IR Remote.

Choose Your Shipping Method

Zero Edge Pro can be ordered pre-assembled or unassembled, giving you the option to complete your project according to what suits your needs most.
Pre-Assembled Take it out of the box and hang it.
Unassembled Connect the frame pieces and attach material.

Zero Edge vs. Flat Panel

How does Zero Edge stack up against flat panel television solutions of the same size?
7 Zero Edge Compare
Zero Edge
flat panel tv
Flat Panel
Price $$$$$$
No Glare
Custom Sizes
Simple Installation
Low Maintenance
Future Proof
Direct Sunlight

Available Materials

We offer a wide variety of screen materials for different applications and uses. For a full list and specs of our screen materials you can compare all of our materials here:

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Solar White
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Solar Gray
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Zero Edge, the world’s first fixed frame screen built to be incorporated into the design of a room.
  • Aluminum extrusion with 3/8″ (10mm) “Zero Edge” style bezel
  • Built in LED channel for optional backlighting.
  • Max: 205″ (5207mm) in 16:9
  • Max: 260″ (6604mm) in 2.35:1
  • Standard sizes only

* All sizes are measured diagonally. Some materials may be limited in size. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 2.35:1
  • Solar White / Solar Gray
Installation / Adjustment
  • Pre-assembled shipment: ships fully assembled up to 133″ (3378mm.)
  • Unassembled shipment: ships unassembled requiring some assembly.
  • IR Backlight: Manually operated with IR remote.
  • Flown Kit: Suspends the frame from aircraft grade aluminum cables.

Let's Do This.

Proudly Made in the USA

All of our hand-built screens are proudly manufactured in our 75,000ft2 factory in Austin, Texas.

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