College of Charleston Goes Green with Slate Motorized

When the College of Charleston (CoC) decided to reduce their carbon footprint in their New Science building on campus, they had several barriers to overcome. First, the space had large windows and high brightness LED lighting fixtures in the room, needed for task-oriented events, classes, and training sessions. To achieve their goals, they turned to local integrator Advanced Video Group.

Zero Edge Pro vs Flat Panels – Theater Advice

Another from the big project. It’s NOT done. Waiting on color matched center speaker from #triadspeakers . A cool video wall and yes that’s a 133” screen and two 75”. Another 65” at the bar behind me. All 4 play a different sports ch when you say “turn on sports bar” can’t wait till it’s all done. #siscreens #screeninnovations #4k#sports #videowall #luxury #luxurylifestyle#millionaire #avlife

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