Congregation Shalom Adopts Zero-G Screen for Architectural Temple

Zero-G is a "levitating" motorized screen that is suspended by UHMwPE cables instead of black mask.

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Congregation Shalom, located in Milwaukee, WI face a number of challenges when deciding to install video display systems to their temple. Most notably, the entire system was to achieve the desired results without impacting the stunning architectural features (including the massive stained glass, ambient-light producing window) of the building. We spoke with Brady Garrison, operations manager of Sven Pro and asked him how they overcame these challenges.

Congregation Shalom Zero-G Screen

What is special about the Temple and what were they hoping to change and achieve?

The Temple has very ornate architecture with a beautiful stained glass “tree of life” focal piece. The Temple wanted to add full-scale video production as well as video projection however, did not want the new technology elements to interfere with the architectural aesthetics. That includes the ornate lighting design, so we knew the solution had to be a screen that had ambient-light-rejecting (ALR) properties.

What was your company’s role in the installation process?

Sven’s role for the project was to propose a technology design that incorporated a new sound system, robotic camera system, a projection system with virtually invisible screens, and a video distribution system for the campus. Sven specified and installed all components that were included with the design.

Congregation Shalom Zero-G Screen Closeup

Zero-G is available with our Slate ambient-light-rejecting (ALR) screen technology which helps produce increased contrast levels and darker blacks than a white or gray screen.

What sort of challenges did you face while working on this project and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge that we had to overcome was the placement of the screens. The Temple did not want to see a screen frame hanging on the wall even when the screen was not in use. We had to design the system so that the screens would hide up in a partial suspended ceiling allowing them to be invisible when not in use.

The customer was ecstatic at how well we achieved their vision and did not disrupt the beautiful architecture in the process.

— Brady Garrison, Operations Manager, Sven Pro

We chose the Zero-G because it fit the size requirements needed to be placed inside the partial suspended ceiling while also having the 5’ of drop to allow the screens to be at a more pleasurable viewing height. More importantly, the Zero-G was the only screen that, even when deployed, still met the visual and architectural design standards as it is suspended via cords versus a black drop. Congregation Shalom did not want the brick walls covered by a black drop which is why the Zero-G screen was the perfect choice for this installation.

Congregation Shalom Zero-G Screen Auditorium

System Configuration:

  • d&b audiotechnik sound system
  • Behringer digital mixing system
  • Blackmagic Design video switching and distribution
  • Panasonic HD robotic video cameras
  • Vivitek laser projectors
  • (2) 123″ Zero-G screens with Slate 1.2


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