We Are Printing Screens! Thank You for Your Loyalty.

You don't get to the top by staying the same. #CEPRO100

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This past week, CEPro released their annual brand analysis survey and thanks to our loyal dealers like you, SI was named the Projection Screen Category Leader!  There are tons of reasons why SI is the CEPro go-to bullet brand in screens. We wanted to share some of the innovation and investment we’re pouring into the business, so I tracked Ryan and Jim down 10 minutes before a scheduled conference call to shoot a quick video demonstrating this behind-the-scenes innovation in screen manufacturing.

One of these innovations that we’ve already implemented you probably didn’t even realize was happening… we’re printing screens.

Traditional screen manufacturing requires a painting process to define the masking border around the screen. Paint can only be sprayed so thin, and as the screen rolls up that border stacks on itself creating even thicker patterns, and a memory in the screen material which can cause wrinkles in the bottom corners of the viewing surface. Manufacturers have tried to overcome this issue in a variety of ways, each of which can result in negative effects. One such way is adding plasticizing materials into the screen. This method can cause the screen material to adhere to itself, which creates a funny sound when it deploys (think lint roller), and also cause the screen material to disintegrate and break down over time.

When we print the screen border, it’s so thin that we actually have a hard time measuring it. It’s thin enough to be imperceptible to touch, but still reproduces a perfect black mask. This completely eliminates all of the problems associated with paint and its negative effects on the optic. An added benefit is that we can now print screens 24/7. In fact, we can print nine screens in the time that it used to take to paint one.

Color Has Been Ignored for Long Enough

It’s time that screen manufacturers and dealers offer end clients designer color options. Our custom-built powder-coat booths allow us to do exactly that. The latest technology in powder-coating guns actually enable us to rapidly switch colors in record time, under 5 minutes. What that does unlock for our customers the power to choose exactly what they want from a design standpoint. No longer are you limited to just white and black!

Normally you would pair the process with a standard powder coat oven.  Our COO Jason has a flair for building cars so he chose an over that would fit 2 Bronco’s inside!  Aside from size, this Wisconsin Oven was chosen for its safety and eco-friendly properties.  Even though parts bake at 400 degrees inside the oven, it is cool to the touch sparing the workers and our cooling bill!

What All of This Means

In the video, Ryan said “you don’t get to the top by staying the same.” That statement means more than you can imagine. We are not perfect. We are human and experience our fair share of manufacturing challenges. We learn something new every day and we adapt.  While we’re flattered to be listed as #1 in the survey, you and your customers are the real reason we do this. We won’t stop until the products we deliver you, make you #1 in your customers mind.

  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell

    Wonderful manufacturing environment live the printer!!! Congrats guys


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