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When it comes to quality screens, it's about tolerances, tolerances, tolerances.

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In manufacturing, there are certain milestones that sometimes require creative thinking to get around problems. Many times, unfortunately, manufacturers can be tempted to outsource portions of their manufacturing or even all of it, off-shore in an attempt to scale their operations. The problem with business decisions such as this is that quality can suffer, sometimes dramatically.

Amidst new tariff issues and new international policies on trade, and the overhead compression for raw materials going up in cost, one of those milestones presented its head. We (again) decided to innovate instead of taking things off-shore. Not only did our efficiency dramatically increase, so did our quality.

Why Made in America is Important

Off-shoring also gets a bad rap in areas such as customer service. We all hate dealing with these kinds of interactions, but companies still resort to using them. What that means is that a poor quality product is bad, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. A company could have a great product, amazing technology, the best engineering team, but terrible customer service and it would have completely missed everything. Why?

Because a company is about more than just product – it’s about people.

Innovation is more than product. To be truly innovative, a company must examine all processes that are a part of its customer interaction on all fronts. For me, that includes all aspects of our marketing, from how we present ourselves as a company, to the means we adopt in that process. It’s all important.

Projection Screens Made In America

What this all boils down to a simple question: Do you care about your customer? What drives every decision you make? If it’s all about bottom line dollar, then the answer is no.

This is the crucial concept of why made in America is so important. We choose to make things in America but even more so, to base all of our operations in America (even if it means our bottom line dollar will be hurt at times) because we care. We know that our customers will benefit, and their clients too, because we focus on the experience of interacting with our company, and yes, the quality of our product. Simply put, we commit to “Made In America” on all aspects of our interactions, from engineering, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and yes even our customer support and service.

  • Sergio Gasca
    Sergio Gasca

    Wow, congratulations for everything you guys have accomplished. Is amazing how you guys keep growing, I remember you when you guys started in the garage and look the shop now is amazing. Keep strong guys.

  • Sam Schwartz “Schwartzie”
    Sam Schwartz “Schwartzie”


    Once again your post is spot on and, as they sometimes say in England, bully for you.
    I have truly enjoyed selling Screen Innovations product over the years and to bear witness to the well-deserved growth that SI has experienced.
    Proud to be a part of the growth.

    Keep up the great work!



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