JVC Projectors – The PRO Line-up

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John with JVC takes us through the proprietary D-ILA technology, its benefits and how it works with a Screen Innovations projection screen. D-ILA is what’s called liquid crystal on silicon, or LCOS, but JVC made several improvements to basic LCOS technology to develop D-ILA. When it comes to projection technology, D-ILA is tried and true, having been around since 1997.

John takes us through the line up of Reference Series projectors offered by JVC. All Reference Series projectors offered by JVC are native 4K compatible with e-shift3 technology and maintain the highest contrast ratios on the market.

This bad boy is one of the truly epic Visualization Series projectors offered by JVC. A typical application that suits the visualization series is simulation where resolution and brightness are a necessity. For purists, the Visualization Series projectors are bar none. Thanks for the tour JVC!!


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