Sony Unveils New Short Throw 4k Projector

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Sony has unveiled their new ultra short throw 4k projector, aiming to completely change the game in the two piece projection market. The LSPX-W1 which boasts an ultra long lasting laser projection system, as well as 4k resolution and an diagonal image size up to 147 inches is designed to complement the layout and aesthetics of any room. We found that the unit is extremely easy to incorporate into any room while remaining unobtrusive and out of the way.

The actual image it produced was extremely impressive, with almost no loss of resolution in the corners (where you would expect with a short throw) and a very eye-popping display of colors and dynamic range. We threw a quick video together to show the projector in use, it’s form factor and the potential that this unlocks for the two piece projection industry. With this new Sony 4k projector – rear-projection has taken on a whole new meaning.


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