A Detailed Look at Transformer

Easy to install, easy to specify, easy to control. It's just easy!

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It’s more than meets the eye!

Let’s be honest, you knew that was coming. We setup a quick shoot with Ryan, Jim, and Jason to discuss the ins-and-outs of Transformer®. Everything from the specification, to the install, to why you would choose this screen in the first place, we cover in this video.

Easy to install, easy to specify, easy to control. It’s just easy! Transformer® – the perfect ratio every time.


Posted by Screen Innovations on Monday, August 20, 2018

We believe in doing things the cool way, not the way it used to be done. That’s why we made Transformer so different from every other masking screen in existence. Namely, there is no mask! Instead of covering up the viewing surface with obtrusive, dust-collecting drapes, we roll the material behind the screen itself, and change the actual shape of the screen, seamlessly.

How to specify Transformer

Most of the time, our dealers prefer to mount their speakers behind the screen to achieve the true cinema experience. This can be accomplished with Transformer, and our acoustically transparent (AT) screen materials. The hurdle that we had to overcome was how to inform our customers where the transparent areas were on the screen so that speakers could be placed in the appropriate areas.

We did this by creating a screen builder tool, enabling dealers to specify a Transformer of any size in seconds, complete with a drawing notating the acoustically transparent screen areas. Additionally, dealers could then place an order for that exact screen, directly from the authorized dealer screen builder tool.

transformer screen builder

Logistics! How much of a pain is it?

We think you’re going to be seriously impressed by the shipping and installation process behind Transformer. Early on in the design and engineering phase of the product, we made the decision that the screen must be simple and easy to install. We wanted the world to finally have a masking screen that didn’t take a full day to install, much less ship with a box of parts that had to be laid out on the floor and built. With Transformer, that’s all a thing of the past.

installing transformer

Transformer ships as two complete halves, with over 90% of all of the assembly already completed in the factory. The installation process is very simple, requiring only mounting and connecting the frames, installing the material, and snapping the materials and velvet-wrapped bezel into place.

Speaking of shipping, we ship the entire Transformer unit – the two complete halves, the screen material, and the velvet-wrapped bezels in our custom made crate, complete with casters! It’s so easy, a Decepticon could do it! The crate is extremely sturdy, yet small enough to allow for simple maneuvering into freight elevators and other would-be logistical nightmares.

transformer crate

Without any prior Transformer experience, most of our dealers complete the installation in under 2-hours. That’s from opening the box to final bezel attachment and integration.

Transformer is patented (patent no. 9,880,456).


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