Screen Innovations Introduces Native Control4 Zigbee Interface, 16-Port Data Hub

Screen Innovations has developed two new accessories designed to simplify the installation and operation of its motorized shades and screens.

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Screen Innovations has developed two new accessories designed to simplify the installation and operation of its motorized shades and screens. Embodying a host of new technologies, SI’s C4 Zigbee interface and Suite XVI 16-port data hub help simplify and add functionality to shade and screen installations.

These two new devices allow systems integrators to easily expand and enhance their screen and shade installations without special tools, training, or complicated wiring or programming. Meanwhile, end-users benefit from quicker deployment and greater control and monitoring of shades and screens in both residential and commercial environments.

C4 Zigbee and Suite XVI join SI’s other problem-solving accessories including TRO.Y, Janus, and Fontus.

At SI, our mission is to continually push the envelope in technological innovation — to give our dealers and end-users the smartest, easiest, and most beautiful screens and shades available. Our new C4 Zigbee and Suite XVI are a direct reflection of this commitment, enabling seamless interoperability of SI shades and screens with Control4 automation systems and plug-and-play integration of as many as 16 SI hardwired and wireless keypads for convenient control of multiple shades and screens.

— SI CEO Ryan Gustafson

Screen Innovations’ C4 Zigbee

SI’s C4 Zigbee enables direct, native control and feedback of SI’s 485 powered shades and screens via a Zigbee-enabled Control4 automation system. Any Zigbee 3.0-enabled or non-Zigbee SI shade or screen connected to the small, discreet dongle-style interface instantly joins a Control4 Zigbee mesh network without any programming or additional hardware.Screen Innovations C4
Full discovery of shades and screens is performed within the Control4 composer software. Systems integrators can fold SI shades and screens into a unified Control4 ecosystem more quickly and end-users can control, automate, and monitor the status of shades and screens from the same touchscreens, remotes, and keypads used to manage other Control4-connected devices. The C4 Zigbee also costs significantly less than standard gateways traditionally required to bridge shades and screens with control systems.

Suite XVI

When shade and screen installations call for more than a half-dozen keypads, integrators have historically been hard-pressed to find a single 485 data hub with enough ports. SI’s Suite XVI solves this issue with 16 ports to accommodate 485 devices, including keypads, wireless receivers, and additional data hubs.

Ideally suited for large residential and commercial projects, or the expansion of existing networks, Suite XVI occupies a fraction of the space of multiple, smaller hubs and costs less. Made of heavy-duty, plenum-rated sheet metal, the hub can be mounted anywhere — inside a rack or panel or above the ceiling.

Both C4 Zigbee and Suite XVI are available and shipping.

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