College of Charleston Goes Green with Slate Motorized

Slate® is a rollable screen material technology that works with the lights on.

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When the College of Charleston (CoC) decided to reduce their carbon footprint in their New Science building on campus, they had several barriers to overcome. First, the space had large windows and high brightness LED lighting fixtures in the room, needed for task-oriented events, classes, and training sessions. To achieve their goals, they turned to local integrator Advanced Video Group.

What was the client looking to achieve?

CoC’s goal in the New Science building was primarily to reduce energy costs and overall carbon footprint. The customer also wanted to create proper sightlines for all participants in the room in order to create a high-quality visual and interactive experience. To achieve this, the displays would need to be quite large and placed in locations where the natural and artificial lighting fixtures would be visible.

Additionally, the screens needed to be moved out of sight when the screen was not in use and configured so that they could be mounted into the ceiling’s soffit during the construction phase.

What challenges did you face in this project?

The ceiling structure in the space was quite unique with very little access once it was installed, so ensuring that the wiring and infrastructure were installed prior to the ceiling’s completion was crucial. After completion of the construction phase, the fabric and rollers were later installed into the screen cases.

Another issue was the faculty’s desire to have writeable space at the front of the room on whiteboards. Due to this need and lower ceilings, we had to limit the size of the projection screen surfaces (maximum size of 164” diagonally) so as to not cover the whiteboards at the front of the room. We overcame this room limitation by adding more viewing surfaces/screens to accommodate proper viewing distances and off-axis angles for all participants in the room.

SI 5 Series Motorized - College of Charleston

Why was SI chosen?

Adam Dox (System Designer) at Advanced Video Group recommended and specified the Screen Innovation 5-series motorized screen with the Slate 1.2 ALR material. SI has a very unique position in the screen industry with the ability to place an ALR screen on a motorized roller. With the unique request of large format viewing, on a motorized roller, and ambient light rejection; SI was the perfect choice.

“This project was a team effort and the end results show the excellence in our in-house design and support staff as well as the partners we worked with. Advanced Video Group was chosen as the Audio-Visual integrator for this project. Their history of successful projects and focus on customer satisfaction made our decision a comfortable one.”

– Shonn Diess, Cabling/AV Manager

SI 5 Series Motorized - College of Charleston

This project was the first on campus to utilize Laser projection and ALR screen technology. This solution was chosen in place of LCD/LED video wall technology due to cost. The client feels that the delivered solution was not a compromise and is delivering high-quality and high-resolution video without any sacrifice. Ultimately, the solution produced an end result that stayed within budget and produced an exceptional visual experience.

Interested in knowing more about Slate?

System Configuration:

  • (5) 5 Series Motorized Slate 1.2 projection screens
  • (5) Epson ProL13000u laser projectors
  • Chief mounting hardware
  • Crestron DigitalMedia

SI 5 Series Motorized - College of Charleston


Advanced Video Group
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College of Charleston
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