Introducing JANUS, power and control for 8 shades, infinitely expandable, with any wire type, panel or rack mount in 1/4th the space.


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One Product. Two Faces.

JANUS is a dual-sided product with both UTP and Terminal blocks and is capable of supplying power and control for any type of wire.

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Infinitely Scalable

JANUS supports any project from large to small with no limits to the number of total devices.

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Redundant Power

Wire separate circuits to each face for the ultimate in reliability, with full power redundancy.

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JANUS Spec Drawing


Primary Terminal Block Face – 28V DC


Secondary UTP Face – 28V DC (Redundant)

Power Consumption with provided supply
100 – 240v ~ 2.8A – 1.4A (50-60Hz)

  • 8 UTP ports for Shades or BUS Devices
  • 2 BUS IN/ BUS OUT ports for system expansion
  • Galvanic isolated BUS ports
  • Versatile mounting options
  • RS485 segmented outputs
  • Top view LED activities and presence for all shades


Galvanized Steel

Max. Wiring Distance (UTP)



8.5’’ L x 6.09’’ W x 1.69” H (216mm x 155 mm x 43 mm)
1RU/Half Rack compatible

Max. Wiring Distance

(5 Conductor) 14 AWG – 250’

  • Terminal Blocks (3.8 mm) – 5 positions
  • 8 RJ 45
  • 2 double stacked RJ 45
  • 2 DC Inputs – 10 positions
  • Complies with UL2043 and is suitable for Air Handling Spaces in accordance with section 300.22(c) of the National Electric Code
  • Plenum Rating only when used in conjunction with Plenum wiring(NFPA 262)
Shipping Weight

4.77 lb. (2.17kg)



RS485 (SDN Compliance)


Indoor use only
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