Austin, TX — June 4, 2016 — Screen Innovations (SI), the purveyors of innovation in the two-piece projection industry, has announced the introduction of ZERO-G, the world’s first ambient light, levitating, rollable display.

SI touts its belief that having a great image is not just about impressive screen materials, but also about how the screen is presented. Introducing ZERO-G™, a presentation that looks so good, you will want to leave the lights on.

Ryan Gustafson, CEO and founder of SI said, “By removing the unnecessary black-drop between the case and viewing area typically found on motorized projection screens, SI has created a “rollable television” that is suspended in midair. With ZERO-G™, your television or digital display can now be placed where a flat-panel could never go before, such as in front of large bays of windows in conference rooms, or hospitality rooms where presentation is of the utmost importance.”

The beauty of Zero-G™ is that the screen is completely unobtrusive, lacking the obstructive material above the traditional motorized screen. Gustafson continues, “Top it all off, Zero-G™ can roll itself up into a flush mounted case with a motorized trapdoor, where it can completely disappear when not in use. You can now place your screen where it should go, not where it has to go. And with a maximum available viewing area of 160-inches and award-winning ambient-light-rejecting screen materials, Zero-G™ is unlike any motorized screen ever seen before. This is the future of television.”

SI has turned things upside down by rolling the material from the bottom up, nesting within an upper wing. The entire assembly then moves into an external or flush case. The TV completely disappears when not in use.

Screen Material Options:
SI’s award-winning, ambient-light-rejecting Slate® material or Pure®—SI’s superior quality white or gray screen.

Screen Sizes:
Up to a maximum of 160-inches diagonally in 16:9 aspect ratio—ideal for large residential or commercial installations.

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About Screen Innovations
Founded in Ryan Gustafson’s garage in 2003 in Austin, Texas, Screen Innovations is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications. SI’s Black Diamond®, the world’s first and only multidirectional ambient-light-rejecting projection-screen technology, has revolutionized the two-piece projection category.

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