AUSTIN, TX — August 03, 2012 (CEDIA – Booth #2225) — Screen Innovations (SI) will demonstrate for CEDIA Expo 2012 attendees an impressive new lineup of projection screens and screen materials for residential and commercial applications. On display will be the new Black Diamond Motorized and Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 projection screen as well as several new versions of the lesser-known Lunar™ Gray and Solar™ White screen materials, and a brand new rear-projection screen material called FlexGlass™ that is the first of its kind within the SI line. Demonstrating game-changing technologies that can easily represent a greater value per square inch in the video category than traditional flat panel displays, CEDIA Expo 2012 attendees are sure to be captivated with what they see in Screen Innovations booth #2225.

New: Black Diamond™ Motorized
A new and truly unique motorized design utilizing our award-winning Black Diamond ambient light rejection screen technology, Black Diamond Motorized is a sleek and sexy flat-panel alternative that actually disappears when not in use, ideal for virtually any environment or application. Utilizing one motor, four custom helixes, and a spool of slender aircraft cable, Black Diamond Motorized silently lowers a thin wing containing the rolled Black Diamond screen downward from a recessed ceiling-mounted cassette. The cable-hung wing then stops, and from it, a small tube quickly emerges and lowers itself down to an adjustable, pre-determined image height, leaving only the image space in sight. Because Black Diamond screens do not require masking or any black drop material whatsoever, there is no visible material above, below, or on either side of the screen surface, allowing the images projected on Black Diamond Motorized to appear as though they are suspended in air. Unlike flat panel TVs, Black Diamond Motorized delivers zero glare and reflection when used in a bright environment, and by virtue of its industry-leading Black Diamond ambient light rejection screen technology, light scatter is measurably reduced by over 75%. Delivering a next-level entertainment experience while literally disappearing into the room’s existing décor when not in use, Black Diamond Motorized appeals to the senses – and satisfies the needs of – a diverse audience in either residential or commercial environments. Black Diamond Motorized is the ultimate blend of art + science.

New: Black Diamond™ Zero Edge G2
The New Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 by Screen Innovations is the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejecting projection screen technology that has the look and feel of a flat panel TV. Featuring a rigid panel, a pencil-thin 10mm bezel, and the award-winning Black Diamond screen technology that can boost a projector’s contrast by over 900%, Zero Edge screens blend flawlessly with surrounding décor, deliver a stunning image, and provide a fully immersive entertainment experience for light or dark room applications. A new frame design provides better structural support, an integrated track system gives integrators the option to inlay an optional LED Lighting Kit behind the screen for added effect, and improved shipping cartons simplify jobsite handling and reduce freight costs by more than 65% on average.

With a starting price of $3,099 MSRP and available in either Black .8 gain, Dark Gray 1.4 gain, or Silver 2.7 gain screen materials, Black Diamond Zero Edge offers the most affordable, innovative, and versatile projection screen technology available, setting a new aesthetic standard that is currently unmatched in the residential or commercial marketplaces.

New: Solar 4K 1.3 Projection Screen Material
Solar 4K White is a new front projection screen material that boasts a revolutionary new emboss pattern, providing perfect color neutrality and zero sparkle. Delivering an exceptional active 3D image, a wide viewing angle, and a vivid picture with bright punch, Solar 4K rivals traditional standard-bearers in either residential or commercial environments. Now shipping, Solar 4K is available in 1” increments and custom aspect ratios for Reference series models or in standard sizes and standard aspect ratios for Performance series models, up to 12’x330”.

A white paper on Solar 4K is available for download by following this link.

New: Lunar 4K .85 Projection Screen Material
Lunar 4K .85 Gray is a new front projection screen material featuring a revolutionary new emboss pattern that provides perfect uniformity, color neutrality and enhanced contrast, which preserves color saturation and accuracy in a multitude of challenging environments. An ideal solution for residential or commercial installations, Lunar 4K Gray is suited particularly well for applications with ambient light and/or those utilizing brighter projectors. Now shipping, Lunar 4K is available in 1” increments and custom aspect ratios for the Reference Series screens or in standard sizes and standard aspect ratios for Performance edition projection screens, in sizes up 205”.

A white paper on Lunar 4K is available for download by following this link.

New: FlexGlass™ Rear-Projection Screen Material
FlexGlass is a new rear projection screen material that offers all of the benefits of rigid optical panels with the added benefit of custom and curve capabilities that can only be provided by flexible screen materials. Featuring exceptional smoothness and an unmatched viewing angle, FlexGlass eliminates projector hot spotting and has zero sparkle, providing significant advantages for command & control, simulation, and large scale rear-projection applications. An ideal choice for multiple-projector, edge-blending, and short throw projector applications that are often needed or necessary in commercial applications, FlexGlass is available in custom diagonal sizes and aspect ratios up to 7.5’ x 131.23’.

About Screen Innovations
Screen Innovations (SI) is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications. Best known for Black Diamond™, the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejection projection screen technology, SI has effectively revolutionized the two-piece projection category by producing screens which deliver an unparalleled video image in either light or dark environments.

Sold at affordable price points and designed to blend flawlessly with surrounding décor, SI projection screens deliver stunning images and a fully immersive entertainment experience, rivaling or surpassing traditional displays. Operating under the principle that “No matter the budget; Screen Innovations has the best available screen solution to suit your needs,” SI produces a comprehensive assortment of screens and accessories for nearly any budget or application. Interested parties are encouraged to visit or call (512) 839-6939 to learn more about the SI family of products and services available.

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