Austin, TX — February 1, 2018 — Hot off the assembly line in their Austin, TX based manufacturing, design, and engineering facility, world renowned innovators, Screen Innovations® (SI®) in the projection screen industry are showing an all-new take on motorized projection screens at ISE 2018 booth #1-N85.

Solo® is a motorized screen that requires zero wiring. Powered by an intelligent lithium core motor, Solo is charged by the use of SI’s patent-pending magnetic power cord, providing over two years of life with one charge!

SI will be showing two variations of the Solo screen in their booth #1-N85. First, Solo which comes in a clear anodized cassette will be shown in a 100” configuration. Second, a Solo Pro, which can be ordered in 12 different designer-selected colors and in low-voltage, will be shown in a Ferrari red cassette color, and suspended on aircraft grade cables.

“Color options are just one more way in which integrators can customize their installations to suit the environments in which screens are placed. Imagine matching Solo Pro to the wall color that it’s placed on. You would have a massive screen that blends in with the environment and seemingly appears out of nowhere.” Said Skyler Meek, Director of Marketing at SI. “No one else offers this level of customization on a screen anywhere.”

In addition to their new wireless motorized screen, Solo, SI is showing a completely new type of Zero Edge® screen as well, called Zero Edge Pro. The format which SI originally introduced to the industry back in 2011 immediately became their most popular screen. Now, SI is taking it a step further, allowing the same customization options available in Solo Pro but with an extra twist – Zero Edge Pro is 36 screens in one.

“Our goal with Zero Edge Pro was to give our customers the power to choose,” Said Ryan Gustafson, SI’s CEO. “Fixed frame screens have always been just a means to an end. No one ever asked the customer what they wanted. In product development, that is always our first step,” Zero Edge Pro is available with 3 different frame width options; Small (1/2-inch), Medium (1 1/2-inch), and Large (2 1/2-inch). SI made their Medium and Large frame options available in any of their 12 designer-selected color options, with an in-lay of hand-wrapped velvet or made to order completely wrapped in velvet. These are the same colors made available on Solo.

SI invites you to come and see these amazing new screen technologies, in addition to their already-existing line of innovations in the screen world such as FlexGlass, a rollable rear projection glass-like screen that’s built for durability while also promising to increase perceived contrast. FlexGlass is made to roll up and ship to a job site in a small container to dramatically save on logistics costs and re-ships due to damage.

Also on display is SI’s motorized Zero-G® screen which deploys from a cassette without any “black mask” material above the screen. SI’s goal of Zero-G was to finally give customers a screen that could be dropped in front of a bay of windows, or art-deco wall in a completely unobtrusive way that made it appear as though your image was “levitating” in mid-air. They even made the high-grade Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) cables available in multiple color options, which customers would match to the prominent color behind the screen, to aid the levitating effect.

As always, SI continues to push the envelope in the screen material world as well, bringing what is now the largest optical-layer based screen in existence to the market; Black Diamond® XL. What used to be a limitation of 60-inches in height is now expanded to 76-inches, making it possible to build a 150-inch diagonal Black Diamond screen. They are the only manufacturers in the world capable of this achievement. Additionally, SI has announced that Slate®, their alternative ALR material, which uses surface layers to reject ambient light, is also now available in a much larger size, expanding its maximum height capabilities to an astounding 189-inches making a seamless 375-inch diagonal ALR screen possible.

SI invites you to see these new technologies in person in their ISE booth #1-N85.

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