A Screen for Everyone

For our budget minded customer, we have created Gamma, available exclusively in our 1 series products. Gamma adheres to our strict standards for image and color reproduction, as well as visual acuity but a more affordable price point.
Max Width 116″
Max Height 65″
Max Diagonal* 160″
Gain 1.1
ALR 10%
Half Gain 75°
Minimum Throw 0.2 x Image Width
Projection Type Front Only

* Diagonal sizes in this spec are measured in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Wide Viewing Angle

Thanks to its very wide viewing cone, Gamma can produce an image with minimal to no hot spot up to a nearly full 180 degrees. That makes it a great application for very wide dedicated theaters and light controlled commercial applications.

Dark Room Theater

Gamma was created to offer the big screen experience to our budget oriented customer with a light controlled room, ensuring that contrast levels will be reproduced as deep and colors as rich as possible.

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