Unity is Completely Neutral

For the absolute purists who are looking for a totally neutral, 1.0 gain, white screen material, Unity is your solution. With almost no discernible texture, sparkle, or color shift, Unity excels at accurately reproducing projected images for light controlled rooms.

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Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

Due to the extremely unified nature of Unity, projected images are dispersed evenly across the viewing surface. This results in a very wide half-gain of 80°.


Just like Slate, Pure, and 360, Unity is made up of flexible base product which makes it possible to roll it into motorized applications. This flexible makeup also makes the screen easy to transport as it can be rolled onto a very small core and shipped.


Max Width3600″
Max Height106″
Max Diagonal*200″
Half Gain80°
Minimum Throw0.2 x Image Width
Projection TypeFront Only

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