Black Diamond Zero Edge available in 2.7, 1.4, and .8 screen gains up to 142-inch diagonal.

Austin, TX – August 18, 2011 – Screen Innovations (SI), the leader in projection screen technology, today announced its new Black Diamond Zero Edge projection screen, the first affordable large flat-panel alternative.

The Zero Edge ultra-thin, rigid panel sets a new aesthetic standard – with a pencil-thin bezel, the projected image appears to float off the wall. Among the multiple mounting options, the Zero Edge includes recessed (unframed), flush-to, projected off the wall, or flying from cables for an incredibly sleek appearance. There’s no assembly required—just unpack and hang.

According to Ryan Gustafson, President of Screen Innovations, “Our dealers have been telling us that they love the Black Diamond Big Screen experience but the problem is their customers don’t want a projection screen in the living room. Now with Zero Edge, you can have the same big screen experience with cutting edge aesthetic appeal. Black Diamond Zero Edge coupled with the new Black Diamond G3 screen materials offers the most stunning screen money can buy.

Standard screen sizes are available in 80 to 142-inch diagonal. Custom screen sizes are available as well. Screen materials include Black Diamond 2.7, Black Diamond 1.4 and Black Diamond 0.8. The Black Diamond Zero Edge will be shipping in October.

About Screen Innovations
Screen Innovations leads the market in US-manufactured projection screens. We employ an industry-specific engineering staff and advanced robotics to create cutting edge screen technologies. Black Diamond is a key example, allowing any projector to perform well in either a bright or dark environment by rejecting ambient light, while enhancing projector contrast by over 900%.

In-house manufacturing permits complete control over product development, quality assurance, and on-time delivery, providing consumers with an outstanding counterpart for today’s projectors.

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